Odd UW questions


Hey guys.

I am replaying UW and a few questions came up. They are kinda silly but would love your input:

  1. Was there ever any explanation as to why the great staircase collapsed? Was it ever going to be a valid way to move through the Stygian abyss and later developer settled for using moonstones? Any plans to bring the great stair case into ascendant?

  2. Was there ever an explanation about why the lizardman in the 4th floor for no apparent reason? Would be funny to add a lost lizardman (or its skeleton) near the ruins of troll/knight post in ascendant.

  3. I use to remember a helmet that gave a lot more light than the taper. It was in very bad shape and had to be fix to a basic level before
    giving it to the dwarf smith for repairs. Does anybody remember this? I couldn’t find it in my last play through.



I’m not remembering an instance of Ultima’s “Helm of Light” in Ultima Underworld. There was a “Helm of Maze Navigation” in UU, but that may not be what you’re thinking of. Also, I’ve just been through my giant pile of loot in UU2, and I don’t see a Helm of Light there, either. Maybe someone else can chime in on this?

Meanwhile, SirCabirus (here on these forums) has a wonderful site that includes walkthroughs of both UU and UU2. Here’s his walkthrough for Ultima Underworld: http://www.sircabirus.com/uw1walk_index.php


I should clear things up. I called it helm of light cause I don’t know what else to call it. If you put it on, you got tons of light (maybe daylight spell?). I do remember having to use repair on it cause Shak would say it is garbage unless you repaired it. I thought it was on the 3rd floor. Then again, it has been a while since I last played the game…


Several months ago I was playing through the first game again and happened to find that particular helmet. It’s called the helmet of Magic Lantern. Sadly I don’t recall where I found it. I feel like it may have been on one of the lower levels but that’s just a feeling. I hadn’t found it by the time I started exploring the 7th level, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t simply miss it on one of the upper levels until later.

EDIT: The helmet is on the 7th level. You will find it in the same secret room that holds the black sword that’s guarded by Shadow Beasts.


“Helmet of Magic Lantern” – that’s the name I was looking for.

It’s actually just a couple of rooms northwest of the Crown of Maze Navigation, on Level 7:

It’s in the room with the Black Sword of Great Accuracy.

(The map above courtesy of the interactive UU maps at usecode.org.)

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Thanks Guys.