One bugged chest in Tyball's Folly: Foresaken Webway?


Not sure where else to turn after searching forums, walkthrough’s, etc…

There’s a quest to retrieve the “Broken Talon of Outcasts” in Tyball’s Folly: Forsaken Webway and there’s only one chest I found that cannot be reached. This chest is through a doorway with “X” wooden crossbeams that I managed to someone jump over but it didn’t feel like I was supposed to.

The area it leads to has crypts with drag-able lids on each side of the room and a chest in the back left corner that appears to be blocked by an invisible wall - no way to get to it (saw this bug posted elsewhere in this forum).

I wouldn’t care so much but I can’t find a single other chest in the Foresaken Webway section. If someone can point me to another chest then I’m good.

Thank you


Darn those X-beams!

You may be able to teleport through the beams (MMM).

Or if you’re lucky, there’s the “poor man’s teleport” of putting the silver sapling on the other side of the beams if you can… but make sure you can get back out the same way! You will need somewhere to plant the seed on either side of the beams, and some way to kill yourself from full health, like the poison spell, tripwires, etc once you are on the far side.

I don’t think there’s a “remotely manipulate” spell :frowning:

Worst case, you might have to abandon the quest, which I think will move the doom counter forward one.


Logging this as well… good to revisit issues and make sure we have them fixed for Update 2, especially if they’re prevalent.


Thank you for reply. I have’t found the “M” rune yet (alpha “E” if I remember correctly) but I do have the other “M” (alpha “M”).

I had already managed to get through the X-beam but, as I said, there’s an invisible wall in front of the chest in that room preventing me from opening it.

If there was just another chest somewhere else in that area…

I always keep a “central hub” save so I didn’t have to abandon the quest.