OPINION - Please avoid these problems found in SS2


1. The Movement - It’s just not tight like in the first game. Melee attacks are also really slow.

2. An Unbalanced Game -
a) Combat is primarily wrench-based in the initial stages of the game. This is even more so the case during a PSI playthrough.
b) Exotic weapons are unlocked far too late, are very few in number, don’t look great, and, with the exception of the shard, are not really viable.
c) Items are too scarce initially and this promotes hoarding. By the time I’d reached the body of the many I found myself with way too many resources.

3. The Music

4. The Enemies -
a) Not much variation
b) Instead of the cool cyborgs and mutants of the first game, this one is full of spiders, flies and worms!

5. The Non-PSI Upgrades - They’re not really valuable towards the end of the game. Cyber modules are too scarce initially (which can be a plus because at least you have to upgrade strategically), but in the last 3-4 decks you find yourself with over 100 or even 200 modules and it doesn’t matter what you spend them on.

6. The Colors - They weren’t nearly as varied as in the first game.


I agree on everything! Well thought out!


I generally agree – nice suggestions.

One difference: I thought the enemy variation wasn’t too bad, with hybrids, midwives, and a couple of different bot types… but I’d still agree that more enemy types, and more variation between types with distinctive differences in their attacks/defenses so that players have different problems to solve, would be a welcome improvement.

I’m also not sure about the item and cybermodule balancing (other than the point about exotics being unlockable much too late in the game, which I agree with). Having a massive collection of no-longer-needed items by the end of the game is pretty much normal for these games; I don’t know how I’d feel about a game that gave me lots of goodies to start with and made me use them all up by game’s end. :smiley:

That said, I’m right there with you on changing the music style, and on levels being more visually distinct from each other.