Otherside all'E3 2019


I’m Italian so forgive me
I wanted to know if by any chance you are going to participate in this year’s E3 and if so, will you bring System Shock 3?
Spector recently said he was looking for a new publisher so I speculated on Epic Games/Xbox Game Studio/THQ Nordic.
If the moderators or employees can not / want to answer me wanted, discuss it at least with other users of the forum


We’ll be at E3 but not presenting anything publicly! A few of us are going as an opportunity to talk to more publishers about SS3 as well as pitch the unannounced project we’re working on.


At this point I’m just aching to know if the Unannounced Project is new IP or a license.

And how cool is it to be in at the very start of a shiny new game concept?

Good luck with the pitches!


Can’t wait to see what you guys cook up next! <3


We have a busy schedule for E3 for sure and that’s good! (always nice when people want to meet with you).

Flatfingers, we’re cooking up a new IP that’s in our wheelhouse. It’s nice to balance something completely new with the other pre-existing franchises we’re working on. We won’t have much to say about it for a while though.


Very happy to hear you’re able to work on original IP, Walter. That’s great news to me as I really want OSE to thrive. (I imagine you all may feel similarly about that.)

I do notice that you mention “other pre-existing franchises” in plural. As in, you’re working on more than just Underworld as an existing property? Or am I reading things too closely?

Either way, I understand if y’all aren’t close to being ready to reveal any of these plans.


You’re reading correctly. To clarify, we’re working on three franchises in total at the moment: Underworld and System Shock being the two existing franchises I alluded to, with the third is the new one I mentioned in my previous post. The vision is to sort of rotate between the three to give ourselves a reasonable cadence of releases, accounting for various factors like team size, dev budget, market timing, etc…


Are you saying you’re making a stealth game? I thought I heard “stealth game.”


Well, now I’m embarrassed. Of course System Shock is the other property. :flushed:

For some reason I was thinking just about OtherSide Boston.

I’m… going to go sit quietly in the corner for a bit now, I think.


:smiley: Yep, still cranking away on that

Dawn, how about a game “in stealth mode” :zipper_mouth_face:?


I’m down. Glad to see you guys are still kicking.

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