Otherside Ent. and VR


Have y’all been watching what Stress Level Zero have been up to? Checked out the Boneworks demo vid? I was glad to hear they are going with ray tracing, trading off for that immersion.


Links? :slight_smile:

VR might be moddable into the game after patch 4. Though, one problem that can happen with trying to implement VR stuff after the fact is that things like shaders and light bloom and other post-processing filters, which are applied at screen depth, no longer work in stereo because they’re at the wrong distance.


I was more talking about Otherside’s interest in VR in general, heh.


Yeah - if they could get interested in it, that’d be an obvious immediate win.
But if they don’t… we might be able to! ;)

Note to self: this link might be useful if it comes to it:


They already are interested in it, haha!