Otherside or OtherSide?


The web page says Otherside. The banner image says OtherSide. The forum says Otherside. A subforum says OtherSide.

What is the name of the damn company? :slight_smile:




Yeah, and I like OSE better than OE in communications.


I would assume the logo, being a trademark, is canonical so its OtherSide.

I could be wrong though :slight_smile:


I’ve seen the logo with a small “s”, haha! Just rechecked, and yeah, in the Kickstarter vids.


Actually it’s Ω7h3Γ5!ĐЭ.




Not sure if I can raise you one more after… this.


Now I want to misspell it as OtterSide.

That team might make a rather different kind of game.


OtterSlide Entertainment.



UnderSide. There, I solved it.

So no raccoons after all?




I like Otterslide… that could be a whole new company!


To properly experience the slide as an otter, we need Occulus Rift support to see through the Otter’s eyes. We also need different ways to solve the problem of how we can get down the slide. Do we climb down the side? Go face first? Slide on our butt? Blow up the side with thermonuclear devices?




Otters sliding, and playing water-polo with a petrified sea urchin, screams fun and games and dark humor to me!


The Ottulus Lift?



Yeah! Forget the usual rollercoaster demos. Go with the avatars of the otter brothers Bill & Ted at a Waterlube!


That literally made me chuckle out loud.


Otter Simulator, or “SimulOtter”.