Otherside or OtherSide?


Submersive Sim.


Just give us the Otter Faerie or the Lava Otter.


Lava Otter… Hmmm


I had to.


This thread alone is worth my Kickstarter pledge.


With all the absurdity in this thread I need to find anOtter thread to follow…


This otter be good.


I wonder what that otter in the VR headset would be seeing in that situation? Man!


He’d be seeing the otter otter from the otter otterslide.



Meta-otter avatar inception… A brotter from anotter motter.


Hello infinite otter, this is your otter brotter!


… I retract the question.


Too late…For now you have seen the OtterSlide.


Why, I otter–!



You people are Otterly ridiculous.


Sorry for resurrecting this thread, but I just happened to stumble on this…

Hello from the otter slide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBViy2m3wBc


To be a little more serious about the topic at hand, not having the correct spelling of the name consistent across the board could create legal repercussions in the future, if someone contests the name, or points out the dual spelling. I am going on instinct here, because I worked on logos in visual technology in the past, and if a company made even a small change to a logo - such as shifting the font, or changing a color - they could be sued. I think this company is genius at work, but you’ve still got to cover your flank when it comes to financial or legal obligations.


I still try to type OtterSlide from time to time.


I’m still hoping the new game from OtterSlide Entertainment will feature enhanced water physics.