Payday 2 for Free


Since it was listed as one of the inspirations for Achievements in UA, thought I’d let you guys know you can get Payday 2 for free on Steam today.


Hope you all got it.
I just adore this game. So much to love, and as far as co-op experiences it is the best of show. I can’t think of another co-op only game that a Pick Up Group can do something as complex as the Big Bank mission because as a community people are basically helpful and not jerks.

As a developer–there are a number of things to love:
The base–even if it is not as fully implemented as it could be, it is a good idea.
The map to pick missions
The advancement
The randomness to levels – subtle as they are can really effect gameplay.
The support for multiple outcomes to a mission. Pulling off a stealth of the FBI building is amazing.


I am such a dumbarse. I thought this was one of those “temporary ownership” things like Sony does on PSN. I totally didn’t get the game. :’(


I like this game too.