PC Classic Commentary: Ultima Underworld with Paul Neurath


PC Gamer interviews Paul Neurath on the philosophy behind Ultima Underworld http://bit.ly/1vBzrye.


Sounds like he is just as passionate as ever. Very good. I can picture the brainstorming going on day in, day out; “how can we innovate further”, “is this particular innovation suitable for an Underworld game”, and so on. I will gladly contribute ideas once I complete this playthrough.


Amazing what you can accomplish with a team of only 6 people :slight_smile:


Every game I’ve ever worked on has been a team of less then 10 people.

I really believe that a small, dedicated team who really care and enjoy working together can accomplish more that matters then one of those 30+ person mega-teams.




I love you guys.

Indeed all the best games appear to come from the smaller teams, if the 90’s/early 2000 are anything to go by when of course teams on average were rather small in comparison the “powerhouses” of today.
There are exceptions of course, but when managing a huge team I can picture the vision being fragmented, focus of leadership having to be divided among so many people, getting everyone on the right page, it must be stressful. I bet there are some members of any given large team that have never even spoken to one another. Small, tightly-knit teams is how it’s done, as long as everybody is prepared to work their asses off, if you can call it work. It’s extremely fun :slight_smile:
I just finished a contract working at a depot that handles heavy machinery, real tedious manual shit, every day looking at the clock until I can return home and expand upon my beloved Deus Ex. When I finally put the project to rest I hope those responsible for the game would give it a try. I strive to expand upon the design concepts of the Immersive Sim/Deus Ex specifically whilst remaining true to it.


Older games required less development time. Simpler engines, fewer features, repeated assets, etc.

Newer games often require tons of well rigged and animated 3D models, which aren’t easy to develop quickly with a small team.

However, very talented and creative individuals who are left to do their job can be very productive. Sometimes the over-management and coordination of large teams hurts productivity.


Watching that video (which is great) I have two comments:

  1. Was that Paul playing? Has he played it in a while? :wink:
  2. Watching it on a 46" TV made me sick as a dog. :-\