Physical Awards update?


Any new ETA on when we can expect the physical awards (box, map., etc.)?

Any chance it might coincide with Update 4? It would be nice to play the new update with the “goods” on display…


Hi Curt,

Welcome back! Physical goods are set to ship by early summer (June / July), assuming our remaining assets follow through. (There’s been an additional figurine order we’ve placed, as well as waiting on assets for the art portfolio, making of DVD, runic poster, and game manual, for example.) We’re still on track, but we’ll let you know if there’s an update on those timelines.

As for Update 4, the digital Update 4 will most likely drop alongside our console release, since we want to squeeze in those updates for that launch. Should potentially be around the same time as when the physical shipments are set to ship, but I can’t guarantee backers will have their physical copies at exactly the same time.


Thank you for the update - I look forward to the physical awards and Update 4.