Physical Awards update?


Any new ETA on when we can expect the physical awards (box, map., etc.)?

Any chance it might coincide with Update 4? It would be nice to play the new update with the “goods” on display…


Hi Curt,

Welcome back! Physical goods are set to ship by early summer (June / July), assuming our remaining assets follow through. (There’s been an additional figurine order we’ve placed, as well as waiting on assets for the art portfolio, making of DVD, runic poster, and game manual, for example.) We’re still on track, but we’ll let you know if there’s an update on those timelines.

As for Update 4, the digital Update 4 will most likely drop alongside our console release, since we want to squeeze in those updates for that launch. Should potentially be around the same time as when the physical shipments are set to ship, but I can’t guarantee backers will have their physical copies at exactly the same time.


Thank you for the update - I look forward to the physical awards and Update 4.


I still haven’t got my box. What is the status? Has anyone ever received a physical reward?


Not yet - check the Oct 15 weekly update for the latest.


Just so people don’t have to dig and click on this thread, there’s the post:

I’m circling back with Fangamer this morning to make sure our timeline is still progressing as planned.


what i am upset about is, that i went with the 750 kickstarter pledge so i could have a personal statue of my charcater only to not get that, even though we were promised that


Unless you mean you were promised to have it in your possession already, you were just told it’s still OtherSide’s intent to get it to you.


jtr…I have done more than my fair share of arguing OE’s corner over the years (a lot, seriously) but in this case I think acting as apologist is a mug’s game. Allow people to be annoyed - in this case it’s fully justified, isn’t it?

I get the wish to ‘re-dress the balance’ esp. in light of the shovels of manure on Steam, but pick the right argument.

There isn’t a leg to stand on here (though some might argue that non-windows platforms have the other leg).

While the game’s merits/de-merits can at least be debated, the non-delivery (so far) cannot. The guy isn’t saying he won’t ever get it, he’s saying he’s been out of pocket 750 for a year.


By all means be annoyed. If you can avoid making up reasons to be annoyed, it can help improve things. I’m not an apologist, I just want constructive outcomes. Putting words in the opponents’ mouth means something else is going on. I’m very disappointed in how things happened, and wish lethal blows to the development weren’t revealed so late, and immediately put forward in response to outcry rather than excuses. I don’t see what’s improved by wanting things to be worse than they already are.


I guess that’s a ‘glancing side-swipe’ as they say.

But I’ll tackle it head-on, it saves the dubious honour of having to answer non-related points. Whatis being made-up? Your position of ‘understanding’ or tea-and-sympathy is, to put it mildly, to take the wind out complaints that appear legitimate.

Factually, the game is not being worked in in any meaningful respect, and so any optimism for the future of it appear tobe wasted energy. A happy tone won’t help, any more than sad face. How about we just re-count the factual, and the chronological,and piece together what is available?

No-one needs to prove their level of disappointment (disappoint-instead-of-virtue signalling?) any more than they need to signal their happiness with the final result.

The guy was making a valid point. So why not let him? God knows there are few newer posters these days anyway…

The idea of wanting things 'to be worse than they already are 'is silly on two counts: A) First you’d have to go some (though good work has been doneto offset the awful release) and B) Who would waste time on that…? If you think I would, think again.

Also,does nothing serve as any sort of warning for SS3 and future projects? Not even a little bit?

Equally, it could all be thrown back in the opposite direction? Why defend the indefensible?

Somewhere along the line, it would be useful if those involved actually learned something, and that could be used in the future. Endless parsing only gets you so far.

(That is not aimed at Sam and the physical goods. How you can offset or defend this, I have no idea)


Hi silent,

Between 2017-2018, we sent out emails through Kickstarter explaining that the personal character statues were being replaced by Cabirus / Resherak / Aelita statues, based on the nature of the game. Without a character to actually customize, the statue would not have been fulfill-able.

I recognize that the Kickstarter items promised in 2015 don’t all line up one to one with what was delivered with the final scope. The period between 2015-2017 was rough on production, and Kickstarter items fell through the design cracks.


so OSE just stole $750 from this guy and that’s the end of it?


Less than $250. The parchment map is more expensive because it’s harder to manufacture.

$500 and below were for something else.

  1. It’s crowdfunding. Buyer beware. Look at all the successful lawsuits and refunds!
  2. For less than $250 you can make your own figurine.
  3. Maybe go after the investors that pulled out and left OSE twisting in the wind with less than a quarter of their expected funds.


oh OSE only stole $250 from this poor guy? thanks for the clarification on their theft



chuckles is salty, and jtr is well researched.

jtr was always well researched, but chuckles wasnt always salty…



Bumping this…I’ve sent emails to Otherside Support and have heard nothing…where are we on the shipment of the physical awards?


I’m still waiting for the definitive schedule from our manufacturing and logistics partner, Fangamer. Will keep you posted!