Physical Awards update?


Thanks, Walter! Is there anything we can do to make any part of this easier for you?


Thanks for the offer jtr7, much appreciated. I have hired someone to help pick this up along with some of the other things Sam was handling. We had a bunch of address change requests that she’s been able to get through so that’s been a big help.


So we are mid Feb. now.
Any timeline available now?


Hey folks, I’ve been off on some needed time off so catching up on things now.

Unfortunately, some of the figurines broke in our shipping to FanGamer. We’re going to have some new ones made and painted, but that’s going to delay fulfillment a bit longer. I don’t have the specific schedule for how quickly the new figurines can be made and then painted, but it’s at least a handful of weeks. Will keep you posted.


And that’s 9 days ago, Walter. Can we have an update or another reason that this is still delayed?


Oh my god, Walter. Sorry it’s all so cursed.


Greetings, Walter. As cjstone pointed out a shipping schedule for physical rewards regardless of figurines situation would be greatly appreciated as early March has just arrived. We are both Avatar tier supporters which does not include any figurines and albeit I feel sorry for the misfortune you described the question still stands:

In what timeframe can we expect the shipping of regular/collector boxes of Underworld Ascendant? Can we at least count on spring 2020 period?

The game itself is (regarding its original ambitions) a hard not to love failure executed with great passion which resembles me another ill-fated project called Descent to Undermountain (1998). Hence I am still very much looking forward to my boxed KS physical edition.

Thank you for your answer in advance.


I’m working with our figurine manufacturer to see the conditions of the existing molds. Hopefully those are still in good enough shape that we can work off of them and that would save a little time. Our painter is ready to go once he has the new figurines. Then we’ll ship the new stuff out to Fangamer and go from there.


So, may I assume that you want to resolve the fig situation first and then you are going to proceed towards both the regular and collector’s boxed editions of Underworld Ascendant?


Correct, that’s the plan. I did hear back from the figurine manufacturer and found the molds so will get going on the replacement figures.


now i want to know how figurine broke, you figured they would be tougher for the price


I’ll take the broken ones ;^) if available. me and epoxy can do great things.


As another Avatar tier backer, I’d just like to add my voice to those still awaiting for news on their physical rewards. I’m simply not going to invest time in the game without having everything in front of me first. It’s the way it should be, really - oldschool style.

As a long time Underworld fan (I have a boxed UU on original PC floppy) this whole sorry development saga has really broken my heart and I have not gone near another Kickstarter since. I simply don’t trust developers any longer to meet their advertised promises. Bards Tale IV also hurt in this way.

Who knows if we’ll ever see the likes of the original games or Arx again, as they are truly unique in cRPGdom. I don’t see many modern AAA developers really getting the core of what they’re about.

Anyway, I’d appreciate some news/update on what is happening with the physical rewards.

Pessimeister of RPGWatch.


So would Walter, really.


That may be true but it doesn’t really assuage my concerns or increase my understanding very much.

I’m obviously not privy to all of the information flow within the company and I have seen the Live Tracking google sheet linked to the Kickstarter; but I thought a short message on the forums for what it is is worth, might increase the likelihood of any pending updates being revealed. Reassurance that something is still happening would be a start.


Glad to hear the physical rewards are still coming along. I hope all of you are staying safe.


Except it seems you hadn’t, and still haven’t, read the posts above yours. I can, however, understand not looking through the threads for info provided directly by employees over the last 1.5 years, but what has been publicly explained is quite enough to concern everybody. Companies OSE partnered with dropped out before reaching the finish line, and OSE has been stranded and abandoned.


So, where are we?
Are the boxes still coming? Are the figurines to blame for the delay?
Or should I just forget the whole thing?


Does OtherSide have more employees now? Are they receiving funding and support and growing? Is the world well past the pandemic and booming? I think the answer to you last question is obvious.


I dont’t know anything about OthersideSide’s employees. They got the funding they wanted for this from us, so that should not be a problem. And you can’t blame Covid-19 for a thing that was long before the outbreak.
Sorry, but it is not that obvious to me.
But if that is the case, then at least a statement would be adequate.