Physical Awards update?


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Upon Those so Dedicated to Readith These Words now … EXCLAIM Physical Awards Updates!

oh … wait … this ain’t D&D.


You don’t seem to be aware of the publisher pulling out and filing for bankruptcy, long after the Kickstarter money had been spent. They’ve been hung out to dry, after making decisions based on expected funding that ceased to exist. Kickstarter and the IRS took a massive percentage of the funds, as normal, leaving far less than you may be aware of to start. And within all that, the poor sales of UA, and whatever effery happened during development; I think my POV shows pretty obvious reasons for troubles with pledge awards. There’s more where that came from that hasn’t been publicized.



Either that has an effect on the goods already produced or it doesn’t.

If it does then tell us it’s not going to happen, don’t string us along.


well well well…

The Return Of Curt!



I did not know. (After my disappointment with another Kickstarter, I did not follow this one on purpose)
That is very unfortunate and explains the dire state.
Nonetheless I would like some closure, so again: an official statement would be appriciated.


Hey all!
We are currently in the midst of getting the last of physical goods to FanGamer, and they will begin to package and ship off the games. This process in normal circumstances would typically take a few weeks. We are also getting in touch with them about how COVID is affecting the rate at which they are operating. It is hard to give an accurate estimate at this time until we know how FanGamer is holding up, but we are in the home stretch for fulfillment.


This has been the strangest experience I have ever had in gaming, in all my years!

When you go back to day one, the potential there was unprecedented. How did we end up here???

Oh wait… nevermind. I already know.

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so they are finally going to send our stuff… at this point i just want my money back


Hi @alyssadearest,
Any update on your post from 10 days ago?


Because frankly it was pretty poor of @OSE_Walter to suddenly announce his removal with no updates for the backers?


@cjstone Not gonna pretend that I ever intend to play this game, but I still very much DO want my Avatar tier CE. That is worth having just because the game basically is Descent to Undermountain, part 2 in regards how badly it flopped LOL.

@silent1584 I would not say that until it is actually shipped, because we still might be waiting for it when the first snow comes.


We are currently waiting to hear back from our rep over at FanGamer for a more accurate estimate on when manufacturing will be finished and shipping will begin. I sent him over another email today after over a week of radio silence, and we are waiting to hear back.
I’ll be taking over some of Walters responsibilities, including communication with KS backers. Once we hear back from FanGamer about their status on fulfillment, I will draft an update for KS backers.


Your effort is really appreciated, thank you.


What’s the story on this? It’s been almost a month. Can we expect our physical boxes this year?


Ask Fangamer. They are putting out merch on top of merch, but only they know why they aren’t filling the OtherSide orders, or handling the poor packing of fragile figurines. OtherSide is also waiting…and waiting. There’s no public statement form Fangamer about layoffs or pandemic slow-down.


If Fangamer isn’t capable or willing to fulfill its end of the deal, then OtherSide should cancel the order and look for manufacturer elsewhere. With new strong parent company as Tencent it should no longer be an issue. Also, OtherSide will dodge possible threat of impending mass lawsuit going its way in case of not being able to pull this off.


A response would be appreciated, thank you.


FanGamer was just waiting for OSE to give the green light on everything. We haven given the green light, and are eagerly awaiting the estimated timeline for completion from FanGamer. Once we have more accurate information on this timeline, we will let backers know ASAP.


Sounds good, thank you :)


I miss Flug.


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