Physical Awards update?


And it’s been since early March until about June for new figurines to start being made, a year after they were due! That’s a crazy pipeline to have without contingency plans, for a game that came out unfinished in Fall 2018. Please stop doing business with Fangamer. I don’t know what OSE game they plan on publishing (?), but they are in no position to handle the gig.


or you are being mislead? like how OSE mislead everyone for years


Thank you Alyssa. I appreciate the update.


Bit off topic… Is there any way to change the postal address recorded on backerkit now it has been locked down?


You can send us an email at FanGamer is also planning to reach out to backers directly before shipping to make sure addresses are as up to date as possible.


Thanks for the swift response :+1:… I would imagine there will be a number that need to be changed after all this time.


And still nothing new here.


Happy to say I’m currently drafting a KS update for UA physical rewards. Be on the look out for that late this week/early next week.


Dropping a link here for the latest UA KS updated regarding physical rewards.


@alyssadearest I have backed the game through BackerKit, thus I cannot contribute to discussion on Kickstarter boards. Please, keep us updated on the situation via these forums as well. Thanks.


Will do! :raised_hands:


Just an update on fulfillment, as we had previously stated we were anticipating a Mid-September delivery date. Unfortunately, we had a hiccup in manufacturing regarding duplicating the master disks. Once this issue is resolved, FanGamer can finish manufacturing and packaging orders. We expect this delay to push our delivery date to Mid-October, though we are still waiting to hear confirmation about the successful duplication of these disks to ensure this timeline. FanGamer is still going to be reaching out to backers to update addresses if need be, we will let backers know when to be on the lookout for that email. Thank you for your patience,

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