Physical Awards update?


But is the Steam key still needed to install and play the game or not?


Alyssa, is that true that even backers pledging worth of $200 and above are receiving plain DVD clamshells? Is that supposed to be a “collector’s box”? Is that so hard to manufacture a proper cardboard box in 2020 while every sack of sugary breakfast cereals has one? Oh well, here goes the last possible vindication for dropping ungodly amount of money on this back in 2016.


The Steam key shouldn’t be needed for disks, no.


So I got my Physical Awards 6 items and identified all but 2 of the items - The Underworld Ascendant boxed game and The Underworld Ascendant Collector’s Edition. How do I tell which one is the boxed game and which one is the Collector’s Edition? See attached picture.
Also, there was no letter, notice, invoice or other document in the shipping box.
Sadly, other than the “Aelita Figure”, this is the single worst Computer Game Backer’s Awards that I’ve ever received and I’ve invested in 8 over the past 10 years. This is definitely the “Dollar Store” version and really nothing special.



Here’s the pictures -


My box with the physical rewards from the Kickstarter also arrived today – thank you for completing this.


Lol, you got screwed.


If you’re interested in getting rid of that box, I’d happily pay to take it off your hands (as long as you’re in NA or Europe). PM me for details.
Same goes for anyone else looking to sell their copy off, ofc.


The Collectors Edition will be the one on the left, with the skeletons.


So the backers paid 150 dollars to have a different art on the slip-on? Consider this the saddest “collector” edition I’ve ever seen, sigh. Hard to get over the disappointment, because truly…it isn’t even a normal-sized box of the old days. Nothing about it says “valued collector’s item”.

And as others have pointed out by now, the picture of the box that you marketed to us in the project backing phase was large box, similar to old 90’s boxes, with high quality cover art. How could you do this to us?


My package is on it’s way to the UK and it includes the Making Of Underworld Ascendant DVD (I pledged at Lore Seeker, more fool me) , so hopefully that will give me a laugh while I try to forget the £300 down the drain.

And to add insult to injury I’ve just found out I’ve got to pay a £11 Customs charge!!


I’d be willing to buy the “box” from you. I’ve got a UK address so it’d be minimal hassle. £45 + shipping. Let me know if you’re interested.


Got mine yesterday. Was also confused about the two game discs. Didn’t look at the contents yet though…


Physical rewards were fitting end to this fiasco. I received goods (actually wrong word to use as there is nothing good in it), and don’t remember when I have been this disappointed. Boxed collectors edition, there is no box, seriously.

When you realized game was turd, I think you should have stopped working on it and make us actual box for game and pocket rest. Or just scam money and not send anything.

I will place it on shelf to remind me not to kickstart again.


Did this happen? If so, if those who got the poster could update that page ( with a pic or transcription, that’d be awesome.


I didn’t get any sort of runic language resource.


Poster was lost with Collector’s Edition Box. No box, no poster.


Hopefully it’ll become available as a downloadable image file, at least.