Physical rewards DVD is blank


Greetings, if this post in in the wrong area please feel free to relocate it.
I received my physical rewards package in the mail yesterday, including the game DVD (but no digital activation code for steam). I have a problem- the DVD appears to be blank! It’s labeled but when I put it in my computer it just spins and says there is no disc inserted (I do get a right click option to format it though)… I am running a windows 10 PC. Is there any way someone could PM me to correct this so I can finally check out the finished game? I backed at the physical rewards tier but would be happy just to get a working activation key for steam. Thank you!


Silly question, but can you confirm your drive reads other games’ discs fine?


The devs can send you the files so you can burn them on the disc yourself.


Hey there, it sounds like you may have just gotten a corrupt disk. Send us an email at with this inquiry and the most up to date shipping address so we can send you a new one.
As for you steam digital download, that is something that will be located in the “digital assets” section of your pledge manager. If you are having trouble locating it, let us know at the above mentioned email address so we can help you locate it.


Hey there, replied to your email but it bounced back to us. I sent an email to FanGamer for them to send over a new disk. It may need to be ran in a Blu Ray compatible drive, which a new disk will not fix if that is the issue.
You steam key is found in your BackerKit, which we have under the email s*******_e****@e*******, and will be listed on the “digital downloads” section of your BackerKit. Once you log into your BackerKit there will be a button that reads “get your digital downloads” and it will be the 4th/5th item listed in your rewards.