Physical Rewards


I wanted to know what is the status of the physical rewards
when can we expect them to ship?


Hiya hillelr,

Still waiting on me to finish this Making of UA DVD… I’m part-time now, so that means it’s been a little slower to finish up the loose ends. The last digital good that also doubles as a physical good is the DVD, and we were also waiting on the Mac and Linux executables for the physical discs before we start shipping.

I was planning on sending out a more official Kickstarter update this week. Once the PC/Mac/Linux versions are released today and I can hopefully finish the DVD by this Wednesday (I’m more than halfway done with the base editing already, it’s just throwing in game footage or other relevant clips I want to share), and then ship over our figurines and posters to Fangamer so they can start production and packaging. Fangamer should be able to get me a quote within this week or the next for a more accurate timeline, depending on when I can finish this up.


Thank you very much
sounds good