Post Beta Impressions Here Please


Ok, it’s out, ad the latest newsletter makes Typhon sound very much more present than before (Shodan-like?).

Please post any and all impressions here, from specific examples to general take-aways, to system performance. You can if you wish go into technical detail but those posts may be better submitted via official Backer/Testing channels.

Other aspects to consider: controls, world-feeling, re-vamped dialog, Voice Overs, newer assets (over the Alpha) etc.



Yeah guys, as soon as it is possible, come here and SPILL it all!!! :smiley:


…err, when it’s really out…seems there are download/refresh/steam/permission wrinkles just now…

(Please no ‘it won’t download’ comments in this thread please, there are already other threads for that).

Hopefully some plain sailing soon…


Well, I got it.

Hey guys! Know what this game needed? More booming voice overs!


As someone who, as I recall, was a little saddened that we lost the melodramatic performance of Cabirus (so I gather), I’m actually kinda glad that they’ve given that role to Typhon. Indeed, two of my favourite video-game villains are SHODAN and the Guardian, so another in their vein sounds appealing to me. :slight_smile:

I do mean to keep a (slightly anxious) eye on this thread for backer impressions!


No the booming voice of Cabirus is still there, and now we also have the booming voice of Typhon.

Maybe they should’ve made a radio play instead of a game. :wink:


There are too many voices in my head talking to me in this game, and far too few instances of being able to talk to an actual physical being.

None of the NPC’s that talk to me actually allow me to have any kind of conversation with them. The ones that are walking around won’t even talk at all, whether or not I click on them.

Anyhow, the keybindings are still unavailable. This seriously worries me at this late stage of the games development. More importantly, the lack of a proper save system is really destroying the games appeal for me. Only being able to save stats and inventory in Marcaul just doesn’t cut it.


More Voice Overs, not less…?

Tek…I’m assuming you mean no recorded dialog, but there are standard text trees, yes? This would be ok with me…


No, I have not seen any dialogue conversation options with any NPC’s, voiced or text tree based.

When I said there are too many voices in my head, I was referring to Cabirus + Typhon, who both talk telepathically to you. Typhon as a disembodied voice is a new addition who was not present in the Backer Alpha. He laughs at you and taunts you and tells you all about how everything will burn and how powerful he is and stuff. He does this shortly after the tutorial begins, at at least another couple points during the tutorial, and what seems like every time you leave Marcaul with a quest, among other instances. I personally can’t stand the angel and demon on my shoulder/inside my head situation. Especially the Typhon side of it, as all he does is issue taunts and other general villain gloating. I think Cabirus had been toned down since the earlier versions that backers had complained about, but Typhons contant statements more than erase any toning down that was done, in my opinion.

As for the physically present NPC’s, there are two types in Marcaul. Lizard men who walk around, and Lizard men who are basically stationary. The ones that walk around refuse to talk or interact beyond pulling their sword out if I bump into them too hard. The stationary ones will usually make some kind of voiced statement(s) when you get close enough, and these statements are either quest progression in nature or general repeatable idle talk. You cannot engage in coversation.


Tek…thanks for the early impressions. ‘Oh’, on voice-overs. I think its fair to say not many of us were expecting that given the discussions (and dev discussions) we’ve had. I’m assuming these are all turn-off-able in settings?

Good-bad shoulder parrot voices are a complete turn-off for me. In System Shock it served the game in terms of a single unseen big-baddie and the reveal-style of the various scraps of dialog you found…the unpeeling of the script. But in this game it is a real-time against-the-clock type scenario? For me, the jury is out on this…especially duelling VOs.

NPCs…I assume dialog trees will go in later…

Tek…any chance of Performance/look/mood/sound/story impressions? How are you finding the mission structure (so far…I realise it’s early days)?


I really don’t think there are going to be any dialogue trees. I think this is all we get for NPC interaction, which is pretty much what I expected when I saw the direction the game was going.

The booming voice overs made more sense in System Shock, because Shodan was basically a computer running a space station, so she could presumably broadcast her voice over the PA system or whatever. Or just send an email.

And to be fair, Underworld 2 did have some occasional voice over from The Guardian, but it was pretty rare. In this game, it’s just way way way over the top.


I mean, it’s not THAT bad, but it’s nearly that bad.


I don’t remember anybody explicitly saying that the game would have dialogue trees? I’ve been under the impression that they’re out of the picture entirely.


I am trying hard to like this game. But the booming voice overs are too much. I expected to be able to interact with NPC’s. I am stuttering with a GTX 1070? Marcaul does look good.


I wasn’t going to spill the beans, but I like Typhon. He serves as a valid counterpoint to Cabirus.


There are sound sliders in the options. They include Master Volume, SFX Master, VO Volume, and Narrator Volume. I assume Narrator Volume affects Cabirus (haven’t tested it) but setting it to 0 does not stop Typhon from being heard. The VO Volume needs to be set to 0 for him to be quiet.

Normally I’d agree, but there are only 4 weeks left til release. Since they aren’t present in the Beta, and have not been showcased or discussed in any media, I have no reason to believe they exist at all. Why keep something like NPC conversations for a game like this absolutely secret until after release?

As far as performance goes, my computer is pretty high-end, so it can handle it fine. No idea about how performance will be for an average computer or anyone elses computer for that matter. The loading times do feel longer than normal sometimes, though.

I don’t really have any real problems with the look, mood, or sound. I think the mood in Marcaul has improved with a meditative chant/hum in the background. It has an impressive bridge entryway.

The story, which I find is heavily linked to interactions with the NPC’s, feels quite lacking to me at this stage. The idea is clear enough. Typhon the enemy of Zeus is rising and must be stopped or he’ll destroy the underworld and then your own world. However, I don’t feel drawn into the events or lore of the world. I can’t talk with NPC’s about anything, they aren’t surprised that I suddenly arrived there, and all of the missions/quests are delivered via the mission billboard as far as I can tell (with the exception of the initial introductory tutorial quest through Plutos Gate and the challenge of Ishtass which lead you into Marcaul). The factions do not appear to be physically present. I have not seen anyone from the factions in Marcaul or Upper Erebus. The lizard men seem to talk to them with crystal balls, but really, that just feels like a way to get out of having them physically present. Mission boards and updates passed along via crystal ball and voices in my head do not make me feel attached to the game world, story, or characters. :stuck_out_tongue:

I might post more in-depth notes on my experiences in the Beta later, but those are the biggest immediate things I can think of. Haven’t played far enough to expound much further right now. Oh, and the problem of the save system, which I cannot stand. You can only save in Marcaul, and even then it won’t save your location. You will always load at the entry gate, and so far it resets any quest that you had taken from the mission board if you save and load after taking a quest.


It seems we will be getting something similar to Doom in terms of dialog and NPC interactivity.


It gets about a third of the way through the little UA loading bar and then crashes to the desktop for me.


Is this on the first loading screen from the main menu? Feel free to send us your output log so we can track this issue!


You can send the file to us at


Thief, my friend. It’s always been Thief.


I don’t get as far as a menu, it crashes on the loading box after the Made in Unity screen. Thanks for replying so quickly, I’ll email the log.