Pre Order Bonuses for backers ?



I was just wondering if we backers will be getting the “normal” pre order bonuses in addition to the backer exclusive stuff since we kinda preordered on the first day :wink: ?

Thanks a lot



If I’m not mistaken, those are weaker versions of the things backers are getting.


Correct, Backer companion creatures are a bit more powerful than the steam promotion ones.


I checked, and the KS site says the following:
“Some of the Stretch Goals unlock Kickstarter exclusive, in-game digital STRETCH GOAL items. Upon achieving a Stretch Goal, all backers at ADVENTURER Tier or higher will automatically receive such STRETCH GOAL item.”

So does that mean if I’m a Journeyman Kickstarter backer, I don’t get anything but a ring? Is there someplace I can see exactly what digital rewards I am eligible for?



Hmm looking at the list I would say that only backers at adventurer level are getting the companions or am I reading it wrong ?


Only adventurers and up get the brain, but I think all backers get the bunny.


To clarify:

ADVENTURER+ backers receive the stronger KS-Stretch Goal Companion Creatures.
KS backers below ADVENTURER will receive the Week 1 Purchase Companion Creatures.

We’re waiting on Steam keys to delegate the Week 1 Companion Creatures to our Under-Adventurer backers!


For Digital Protagonists, this post says it all. Granted it is 3 years old… One never knows when they will need to look back to a specific conversation.


It would be nice to have the option for both. As was said, they have different power levels and different visual appearances, so the collector in me really wants to try to get them all.

(That said, anyone at higher than Avatar tier not want your digital stuff, let me know! lol)


Where do we get our Copper Avatar’s Ring? The one that glows when an enemy is nearby or whatever?


They will distribute one (or more) Steam DLC keys for these rewards as they become available. They are not yet ready, but it sounds like they are getting close.


They are flowing in, but you may have to start all over in order to see them in your inventory.


The rings are now available on BackerKit as Steam keys, like the Companion Creatures and the full game.

Note that you may have to start a new save file to see these in Marcaul. (We’re still working with Valve to figure out why this is.)


In my Backerkit account, all I’m seeing is the Steam code for the full game, and the downloads for the map. Am I looking in the wrong spot or something?


Nope, not may, is. Every time you activate a steam code you have to start over. Will be glad when that (along with a lot of others) defect gets corrected.


Dinochow, I fixed your pledge on BackerKit so you should see your digital rewards now!

As for the Steam rewards not showing up unless you start a new save, we’re still working with Steam why this is. Internally, the game SHOULD check for any DLC content upon loading a save, regardless of whether you had the content unlocked recently or not. It’s a little strange, so we’re still trying to figure out why this is.


Awesome, thanks.


Has anyone figured out the why on this? As I well understand everyone is busy addressing game breaking defects, having to do a restart each time the DLC content is made available is equally as annoying as seeing between the world and not keeping one’s progress.


Still working on this, and asking our QA to look into it too. We still think it might be a Steam-issue, but we’re trying to get this updated before Update 2 at the latest.