Pretty Thiefy Game of Thrones scene [Spoilers?]


In episode 3 of this season 8 of Game of Thrones, in the making of… video, there’s a scene breakdown in an old library set, with 9 undead “wights” patrolling on predetermined [choreographed] paths. The guy who worked out the movement for the scene told the main actor, initially, to get through the room unseen. After that bit of improvised fun, they honed the choreography to have near-misses for the cameras. The description given sounded quite like someone describing level design for a game-space in a Thief title.

For those who won’t be spoiled by details:


Yeah, that was really cool to watch. Honestly made most of the other characters look so dull and pitiful just standing there swinging left and right like their cutting down ghost-grass.

I have to say I can’t stand the way GOT depicts the undead just too much like that world war z movie a few years ago and like the orc/goblins from LOTR. (Giants are cool though) Hate the aerial shots of the horde running like flowing water, I think that’s just really awful.