PS4 Brightness slider broken


Thanks for the recent patch but unfortunately the Brightness setting is broken and everything is far too bright. Is there another hot fix incoming?


The last hotfix was supposed to address that very thing.


Indeed, please let us know you’re still seeing an issue with brightness with the latest update (anyone). Thank you!


My PS4 version was updated either yesterday or day before (can’t remember exactly). I tried the game again yesterday and the brightness setting is broken. I have tried changing the brightness in game and on the main screen. The graphics are far too bright and ruins the game for me.


Thanks for the report, we’ll check in with QA today to see what we can find.

Definitely agree tho, the atmosphere and a lot of the gameplay feels terrible without the brightness adjusted properly.


Thanks for the reply. I would regard the broken brightness slider as an essential problem which needs to be fixed ASAP. Seeing as the slider was working prepatch then I assume that the problem should be relatively straight forward to solve. If it is not fixed then I will regard the game as being broken and will see about getting a refund from PlayStation, though in my experience a game needs to have blown up your console and burnt down your house before they refund you anything!


I got a refund direct from Sony, now I wish I had waited just to see what new things OSE break. The most fun I found in this game was the morbid curiosity of how bad it could get.

And the devs knew about the problem before you posted. They have a history of acting as if the problems mentioned here or on steam are new to them when they aren’t. They have already been informed about these problems and for whatever reason choose to act as if every person who brings these major game breaking issues are somehow experiencing a highly rare bug that some non existent Q&A team is busy working on. And just for you stbens because you’re part of the team. That’s right, you are the Q&A department stbens!


You tell 'em, Chuckles! Hahaha! Tell 'em all good! Save the gaming world!


The way this is phrased makes it sound like in the time since the team has known about the “new brightness bug”, you personally have delved into the game yet again, and experienced much of the gameplay, and have decided that the “new brightness bug” indeed hinders the experience. Is this true? Are you still actively playing this game and personally verifying that all these bugs are real? Dedication…


I played through the build again when the brightness slider issue was reported for PC/Mac/Linux between 4.2 and 4.3, and after hopping through a couple of levels and missions it was pretty apparent that we were going to need to hotfix it because we all agreed it made the game feel unenjoyable, and it was an easy enough fix. I normally try to verify a bug myself while reporting it from the community before passing it along to QA, since I’m the first person who has eyes on it. The only exceptions are when it seems like the bug is a very rare edge case, where I know QA has the QA tools to reproduce it more faithfully than if I tried to brute force it.

We had been separately working on a PS4 and Xbox One hotfix but hadn’t seen the brightness slider issue come up in that build until we just pushed out PS4 patch last week. To hear that the brightness slider issue made its way to console is disheartening, but at least we have a better idea of how to fix it. It’s mostly a matter of figuring out how many issues we can squeeze into a patch to get re-certified, since it’s a more involved process than pushing a build on Steam.