PS4 concerns/ poor optimisation


Hello, I’d like to first say I really appreciate UA coming to console, i’m a huge fan of the genre. However, I bought the game on day one after having done some research on the current build, which seemed to be looking solid, yet within the first couple of hours it became evident that there is a severe lack of optimisation (disappearing inventory is particularly bad). I’d be grateful for any info as to what we can expect in terms of patch timeframes. Cheers.

Edit: Having read through a few posts i’m getting the impression UA wont be receiving much support from here on. Can I ask if the ps4 build is update 4? I don’t see why this got certified.


I also picked up the game day one on PS4. Are you finding that arrows don’t hit anything as well. I thought this was fixed with a previous update but I also noted that arrow traps don’t do any damage to the player either (two left feet me so maybe not a bad thing).


Yeah that was another thing which blew my mind. It’s why i’m wondering if the console version is an older build.


I was told that the console version would have the exact integrity of the PC version. Yikes!

EDIT - Also, welcome you two!!!


I don’t have a pc to make a comparison, but i looked up posts from last year saying the arrow issue was being resolved. I take it you’ve been playing UA for while? If so might i ask if arrows are working on pc?


Arrows were said to be working since update 3, apparently you don’t even get a cut scene when you complete the game at the moment, I don’t think they ever finished the game tbh.


Well, i scourged it from my hard drive. Perhaps the one last benefit of being a console player is sonys’ stringent certification process, yet this one managed to slip through… I’ll give it one more try if i hear of another patch.


Uaconsoleplayer, no, not only have I not played this game yet, I havent even seen ANY media on it… I am waiting until this game has its FINAL version out… after which time, I think, I willpurchase and play it. It was not long ago, I will try and find the post, I believe it was Sam who answered my direct question about upheld integrity on the console…


I expect we’ll get a patch in a week or so. I’m gonna keep trying to play through the game without the arrows. I’ve yet to experience any other major bugs and am getting that ‘Thief: the Dark Project’ vibe off it. Call me a Taffer for trying, but I’ve actually enjoyed it so far.


Seeno, about the arrows not working, i’m wondering if basic arrows are ineffective against some enemies. Apparently there are stone arrows and sniper arrows later in the game.


Sandro, i applaude your discipline. Regarding console integrity, i think the problem might be a bare bones port that just feels off, the same happened with jagged alliance rage, both games function, yet feel bad to control, simply for being designed for mouse and keyboard. Hasten to add i’m just speculating.


I’ve run some tests. I played on a bit further and got a few different arrow types. None do damage to enemies but they can destroy items in the world on occasion. Relying on destructive magic to try and progress at the moment. Will have to do a second playthrough as Garrett if they get the arrows working.


Hi guys, thanks for flagging the arrows not working. We didn’t see this on our end or during the certification process which is unusual, but we’re tracking this now.

Someone else mentioned that the cutscenes at the end of the game are no longer activating on PS4?


Thank you so much!!!


Hi Sluangkhot, just to give you a bit more data, arrows would seem to bounce off undeads, i didn’t get any impression they were doing damage or causing knock back. Hope that helps.


The arrow hotfix is on track for PS4 now, thank you all for the reports!

We’re also working on adding in some addition QoL fixes for the PS4 and Xbox One versions based on player feedback.

(Also, sorry for the slow responses; I’m still on vacation in Toronto until this Sunday! I’ve been checking every few days to forward along bug reports and check in on the status of the game.)