PS4 Issues in detail


Yeah. We mentionned that ( and a lot more things ) more than a year ago when the game was still in alpha. It never got fixed.


Mana cores do one thing, and one thing only: drop the water level. Which allows you to have access to another part of the level.

The aether core are a bit different. You use them at Marcaul at Typhon’s statue and it drops the Typhon meter threat ( the one you have on the top-right of the inventory ). Every time you complete a major quest, the threat increases and more enemies spawn in levels. You’re supposed to use aether cores to maintain the threat level at a reasonnable level for you. That’s their way of handling the difficulty setting in the game, is my understanding.

The first side quest in Upper Erebus is an NPC Shambler that owns a magical shop in Marcaul. There are dozens of magical items that don’t break all the time and give nice bonuses, and that cost 1000-5000 coins each. That’s the main money sink of the game as far as I know.

If you don’t do that quest, then Aelita’s the only shop, and all her items suck and are cheap, so you’ll never get to spend all that money.

I can’t speak for the consoles versions, but on PC you do get various explanations. There are often tooltips and little information boxes popping up at the beginning of the game. All this stuff about mana / aether cores, the lizard / factions etc… was explained. Maybe it’s a bug on consoles ? Or maybe you didn’t pay attention ? They don’t stay on the screen for that long.


Thank you Nyast! This is precisely why I asked you. Very thoughtful and insightful response. I hate to say it, but I think this game is actually going to meet my own personal expectations afterall.

Mwahahaaaaa I know, I get to step away from the crowd a little bit more now, after your illustrious description on the “almost final” game!! This is pretty close to what I was hoping for.

A unique exploration crawl, where I dont hafta use magic to survive while inspecting every last inch of space. All this other stuff everyone is arguing about, dialogue, arrows, this, that… means little/nothing to me hahahahaaa.

Is there anything funny in the game? Or is it… a pretty serious affair. hahaa


And now… the double post.

I am not completely up to speed.

I have but one last question for this community…

Has anyone tried to do a “ghost run” through the game?

Because if and when I ever play this game, that is the first thing I will do. Play through as far as a I can without doing or interacting with anything or anyone as much as possible/allowed. Nyast, is this type of a run even worth it to you, or in your view is the game really that lacking, that even a different playstyle run would make little/no difference. gasp


It seems the description for a “depleted coin purse” was meant to imply that the bag had been hastily ransacked, but not entirely empty. I can see how that’s misleading in terms of the vocabulary though. I normally only expect a couple of silver from these and don’t keep track of the coins.

I tend to write pretty freely on the forums and in real time, rather than heavily curated responses that could require more time and some back-and-forth from my supervisors, so I apologize if my initial questions made it seem as if I was ignoring your other concerns.

It’s easier to write up and fix bugs that seem to be a localization issue rather than a LOD issue (which is what I suspect the Tyball’s Folly problem is. I’ve actually seen a similar crash issue on PC from Update 3, but I hadn’t seen it again resurface on PS4.) I’m still absolutely logging your other bugs, such as the side quest issues and Feats not firing correctly. I’m sure it’s also no secret that we are down in personnel as well as resources, which is why maximizing the time we have left on this project is so critical. A complete design overhaul of the entire game wouldn’t be fiscally possible. But any small- to medium- victories we can take, we’ll grab it. If there’s a huge blocker that fundamentally prevents the game from being played, that will also be a priority, such as your crash report.

Your description for the Tyball’s Folly crash is actually really important. In it, you’ve outlined for me how you proceed through the level, what quest you’re on, and where you remember you crashed. I can now write up a more specific report for QA so they can reproduce your crash more effectively, rather than if I had just written that you walked around Tyball’s Folly somewhere and everything disappeared.

As for the “Fane guy” who attacks you, I believe you’re actually talking about other rogue Outcasts. Fane, Aelita and Dahlia are just three individuals of that race. The Outcasts are opportunistic and will try to attack you if you’re low health or antagonizing them. When you magically “Summon a Man,” it should be noted that you’re not actually Creating a Man. You’re summoning an existing Outcast to your location, and sometimes he won’t have any business where you are… unless you make it his business. I normally bait enemies into fighting my Outcasts to cause a distraction, personally.

@Nyast covered your questions about the aether cores, Meridian’s store, and loading screens. I know it’s not quite as integrated into the Underworld as one might like, but I have been working on the manual for UA with this in mind, and with the additional lore that couldn’t quite be expanded upon during production.


This might be the most efficient way to play. I’m not sure how fun it would be. The game also constantly teases you for completing quests without getting detected or without getting hit by any monster. I guess you’d get rewards for that playstyle. Personally I wouldn’t have the patience for it. It is however very possible to simply ignore monsters and run away and get to your objectives or loot chests in the middle of a room of monsters and get away with it, I’ve done it a couple times ( and felt like I was cheating the game… ).

There are a few quests that require you to clean up an area from its monsters, but you could try using the environment to do it. Use traps against monsters (if there are nearby traps), lure monsters into each others (sometimes they fight), summon some monsters via magic to do it for you, etc… There are many approaches.


There is an unforseen hope…


Guys, remind me… the level design itself? Was it, completely by itself, overall pretty good?


Keep your expectations in check. Better be prepared not to get disapointed.

There are highs and lows in terms of level design, just like in any other game. In general, my opinion is that the deeper you go, the better it is. The first level is just a linear and boring tutorial. Marcaul ( the main city hub ) is relatively empty and devoid of things to do, beyond grabing upgrades and a round of shopping.

Upper Erebus is the first proper “dungeon” level, but is still limited in scope ( it’s mostly 2 linear sub-sections ). Then comes the Underswamp, which has some cool areas. Then you get into Titan’s Reach and the level design starts to shine, with a lot of maze-like areas and verticality.

Dungeon design is the #1 appeal of the game to me. It’s still inferior to the original Ultima Underworld ( expectations… ) but if I’m honnest, it’s better than 90% of the indie dungeon crawlers you can find on Steam. Hell, it’s so much better than dungeons you can find in AAA like Skyrim & cie, but the bar is easy to raise. AAA dungeons are a joke.

Too bad the loot part is still mediocre and monsters lack intelligence / variety.


I wonder if its wrong that I am actually drooling a little again… hahahaa


I did try and bait the enemies with the outcast, the outcast would stand there doing nothing, the enemy would stand there doing nothing, nothing works. I cannot get over how you act as though this game is working as intended.
As for understanding all this stuff I was meant to do side quests correct? To find memora so I can read what the heck is going on? Well whenever I did try a side quest it broke the main game, and one side quest was about 200 coin purses and nothing else but a spector thing that could not see me. I would try and get things to see me so I could do something, you know, kill it, cast a spell, do something. Nothing reacts. How can you pretend that the creatures react? Or that the outcast acts as bait, it does nothing. Nothing works. So I ended up with no mission after a side quest ended without me doing anything, I was walking in an empty dungeon and then I was given the mission cleared screen and after that I got sent to some random level and noting was available in the quest log. I walked around until I heard the same voice over I had heard previously and then I had a main quest again. It also seemed to stop me from being hungry, I had these constant affliction icons even though I had no afflictions, the game was developing new glitches from the existing glitches. It is almost like the terminator, the code has taken on a life of its own and is making new glitches out of existing glitches. But I’ve said all this before, everyone ignores it and acts like I’m making it up.

So out of those 10 people that have reviewed it on the ps4 store how many are QA testers? like the person who completed every achievement must be a QA guy or employee. That leaves 9 others, so really how many people have played this? I’m in the 1% who finished it, how many people that don’t have a financial interest in the ps4 version have played it? It’s not looking good considering Otherside aren’t going to 1 star their own games.


I can follow up on the side quest situation since that does sound pretty confusing.

Again, I apologize if it sounds like I’m dismissing your reports. I haven’t touched the PS4 version myself and I only play on PC, so I’m comparing my experience on PC to yours on PS4. From my understanding, we had made the AI far more responsive on PS4 which is why we were able to launch on it, but we can revisit this.

We’re actually attempting to repro your crash in Tyball’s Folly right now. There WAS a flickering wall texture, but on both the standard and Pro PS4, there were no crashes. If you have any additional information about your crash, such as the hardware you’re using or even how long your play session was before it crashed, that might help us.


i played on standard ps4 and i leave games in standby mode so i don’t know how long you would consider my play sessions. crashes were frequent enough to make no actual session go beyond an hour or so. However the game had zero crashes until i took on a side quest and then i noticed the game gradually getting more and more buggy and crashes more frequent, so i guess i played the first 2 or 3 hours crash free. I’m done with the game now, I don’t want to be rude to a bunch of strangers anymore. The whole thing just depresses me.