random questions


Weird random questions regarding anything system shock related. Especially ones that aren’t really pertinent to its development.


What does one imagine the interior of the von braun most likely smells of? Does the smell change from deck to deck and or from sector to sector? I can imagine certain places smelling like a combination of plastics and metals from all the computer systems and gadgetry(best buy smell), clean carpet from the carpeting I’ve seen in some hallways(hotels) and perhaps the smell of people(perfume/cologne/skin scent). Maybe it smells like food and cosmetics in the shopping mall on the rec deck. Kinda like most shopping malls we’re familiar with. Maybe it smells more like metal, WD40 and or some other type of metal lubricant/coolant in engineering. More similar to that of a factory, machine shop and other industrial settings. Maybe there is a fresh floral meadowy aquatic like scent on the hydroponics deck. I ask this question for 2 reasons. 1 because I happen to be a perfumer by hobby so am naturally curious about scents in general and 2 to show you an example of what I mean by a random question regarding anything system shock related.


Er… rotting corpses?




Sometimes I really wish we could experience more “senses” in games.
Smell comes to mind, indeed.

I worry about games like Dead Space though… :slight_smile: Or exactly all of them games with undead.
I’d love it for simulations like, DCS, Rise of Flight, Elite Dangerous, and Test Drive Unlimited.
Yes- "New car"™ smell is awesome.


It’s been tried with movies back in the 60’s - “Smell-o-vision”. Wasn’t a success. Most games wouldn’t be something you’d want to smell, particularly horror or sports games. Or anything with a sewer level.


Heh, wow. Didn’t know that. Yeah, concur anyway about the Horror, Sport and Sewer. :stuck_out_tongue: