Regarding April 2020 news articles


What about System Shock 3?

Are you partnering with Eidos Montreal or Arkane?

What about all the employees that have left?

How is the game going to be developed properly with a very small team?

Are you going to release it in 2020?

Why are you focusing on a new game instead of the game that’s supposed to be the next gaming masterpiece?

Are you big enough to handle 2 games at a time?

Why isn’t Warren Spector saying anything when we’re all dying to get positive reassurance from him?

Will you be self-publishing or are other publishers interested?

What percentage of the game is actually completed?

Will the graphics be like 2020-21 AAA games? If not which year will it look like its from?

Do you think you’ll have to compromise on game length and/or complexity?

How long till we get more news?


Can you answer them all, please? :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


What? …?


Everyone wants these questions answered


Everyone? You and the frog in your pocket?


haha! :rofl::rofl:

All the forum posts on other websites including that near 100 page thread, all the questions on this forum, all the news articles, the fanbase etc. We want updates!


You know it’s not gonna happen, even if they wanted to take all that time to write that essay. I wouldn’t expect it to happen, really.

I seriously envy you not having plenty more important things to worry or ponder about with all the collapse and implosion happening right now.


I saw what you wrote before editing your post :joy:

Oh dear – poor, suffering soul! Much love, blessings and prayers. You’ll get out of that ditch someday.