RIP Steve Pearsall


I’m 13 months late, but I just caught wind that he passed away on Nov. 8, 2018.

He was an important figure for us Looking Glass and Thief fans.

I hope the silence about it from everybody means he wished his passing to go unremarked, because as an outsider it as struck me as odd. No mention of his games industry work in his obituary.

a drink to the “Captain”!

He was QA Manager and Website guy for Thief: The Dark Project.
Then he was friggin’ Project Leader on Thief Gold and Thief II: The Metal Age. The lore refers to [Captain] Pearsall in a few places, including the one-time misspelling of “Pearsal”.

The Blooper Reel was his idea. He was fond of the Scouting Orbs. He was a real stargazer, so of course I think of him now with all the telescopes and observatories in the trilogy, and the Stargazer’s Journal in Life of the Party.

He contributed to Terra Nova: Strikeforce Centauri, and British Open Golf.

He was OtherSide’s Startup guy, and got the sites running.


This was a nice tribute, jtr7.

There had been a very brief mention that OtherSide’s original site developer had passed away. But I hadn’t known who it was, and his contributions to Looking Glass’s games.

I’ll think of him every time I see a telescope in the Thief games now.

Here’s to the Captain.


Thank you. I hadn’t found mentions anywhere from that time, but it makes sense if his name was omitted. I get the sense everyone who knew him was keeping things on the down-low for respectful reasons that are private, but a lot of fans appreciate his contributions.


I knew Steve passed away when one of his friends Pa Teich who also worked at Looking Glass mentioned he passed away on his Facebook page. I always sent Steve a happy birthday message on his Facebook page every year also and always got a happy reply back from him.:+1::sleepy: