SAQ - Skeptically Asked Questions


It’s still very odd. I don’t find World of Warcraft to be very compelling as a game, but when Spector wants to talk to people who like WoW, it does not worry me in the slightest.


You’re obviously not getting full picture. Just because he likes those games or hangs around with its developers, well that alone isn’t anything to be concerned about (well it is a little, because you are the company you keep as the saying goes). It’s everything he’s seemingly become in recent years, which ties into that. I don’t even follow the man on twitter or anticipate his speeches and the like, I just check out stuff of his that is brought to my attention (which is often)…and it’s the opposite of what 90s Spector was, at least on the surface and as an outside observer.


Well, I personally don’t know what Spector was like in the 90s, so I obviously don’t have the full picture, but I have been reading his stuff for over a decade now and it looks a lot like hand-wringing over a few cherrypicked quotes to me.


You do have the tendency to interpret things as you please :stuck_out_tongue:

There are plenty quotes that should be a cause for concern. It’s more like strawberry picking in a agricultural field than cherry picking rare bushes in the wild.
The man made my favorite game of all time that I’ve invested four years non-profit work into and look up to as a work of genius, so I don’t doubt his ability one bit, but I do doubt his coming of age principles.

Yes, more doubting of the old masters, but this doubt has absolutely solid foundations. With the other team it’s just mild suspicions without enough evidence to truly back it up.

All that aside, Invisible War and the success of the later watered down Immersive Sims should be enough cause for concern alone. Yet I don’t even attribute that success to the dilution of the design, but rather 90% of it to the strong marketing that accompanied those games and not the classics. marketing is everything.

Anyhow, they’re not my enemy, they’re my inspiration, so I’m going dark again for now.


In ye olde days, we called that having an opinion. :stuck_out_tongue: