Seems like an old topic...but what is the Faction answer


Can I join a faction or not.
I’ve spent multiple replays over multiple releases and still I don’t seem to be able to “join a faction”.
In the current release as of today 13/5/2019 the mediators of the 3 factions don’t even have a repetitive answer/NPC response to me.
About to start the game over again just coz I love the grind.


“About to start the game over again just coz I love the grind.”

Well now, this is a comment that I love to hear! Sounds like the replay value is certainly there!

I still have not played the game, I am waiting until the team decides that they have completed all work first. This one comment of yours says a LOT about the game!


“Officially,” no, you cannot join a faction in Update 3. This is actually being changed so that the original Faction Influence system returns for Update 4, so your choices and assistance with certain NPCs can, for example, influence your relationships with vendors.

First Playthrough Observations

update 4 is sounding better and better


Thanks for the official reply. And yes release 3 made the game really playable and fun to battle on with. I would say feats are now a bit hard and the money not quite sorted out but the rest of it is really hanging together. Bring on release 4.


Thanks for the input; I see from the First Playthrough impressions that there’s still some balancing that can be done while we fine tune the trading system as well.