Sept 30 2019 Weekly Update!


Continuing the discussion from Is there any chance of a new hotfix?:

In addition to this, I’ve packaged most of the physical KS goods at the office and am just wrangling together the best place and way to ship these figurines out to Fangamer. Once we have an updated timeline from Fangamer, I can give a more accurate shipping timeline for the physical goods.

Oct 7 2019 Weekly Update: Kickstarter Timeline + Xbox

Is the behavior of stacked boxes in this backlog? There was no answer to my post on this topic.


Yes, it’s in the backlog as a bullet point under “additional physics tuning.” However, in terms of priority, it is not very high since it doesn’t actively crash the game or provide a blocker for playing; it’s just annoying to interact with, especially in the beginning of the game.


This was my primary concern. I haven’t made much progress into the game and was concerned there would be puzzles that included this mechanic, effectively shoehorning players into jumpy builds.


In my experience, the only “required” time you need to stack boxes is that one time in the first level (Pluto’s Gate) where you get your first runes.

After that point, I have never stacked boxes to get anywhere.

I knew it was an option, but I ended up investing in higher movement skills that would allow me to jump better, as well as made use of the Silver Sapling so I could quickly return to better heights without needing much traversal. Cloud Walk (a high-level magic spell) is also more useful, since you can jump around without any floor to worry about at all.


That sounds a lot like you were shoehorned into a jumpy build to avoid dealing with the mechanic.

I appreciate that we can alternately use high level magic to avoid suffering with boxes. In early gameplay, mana seems fairly scarce and is quick to deplete. I’ve read that later levels have a lot of verticality. Is mana common enough later to support using magic to get around in this manner? Has anyone gone though end game without buffing jump?


I used the create plant spell to make ropes sometimes, I could never swim down (not sure it that was a bug) so water exploration was out. I used melee on most enemies as arrows didn’t work at the time and I forced my way through most of the game with combat. As for verticality, yes it’s there if you want to stealth the game. Lots of vines to clumsily swing from, little platforms that would have been useful for a stealth playthrough. When I played the AI was so poor it wasn’t satisfying to stealth anything as most enemies didn’t react. This was a problem that grew as the game progressed, most skeletons at least reacted in the first 2 levels. You will never need to jump around if you brute force the game.


I’m reminded of people who eat everything on their plate at a restaurant, and then don’t wanna pay.

You deserve an achievement badge for surmounting all the unintentional puzzles that harried you from beginning to the bitter end.


The vital info I was seeking. Thanks for sharing!


There are some places where jumping is one of many options to resolve a problem.
Say you have a wooden barrier in front of you, with a firepit and some crates nearby (this is a thing, in the first non-tutorial level).

You can stack the boxes and jump over.
You can skill-up, and jump over.
You can cast a fire spell and let the barrier burn down.
You can hold a box over the flames, move it against the barrier, and let it burn down.
You can smash the barrier down with your sword.
You can find another route around (though in the case I’m thinking of, there is no other route).
You can find all the boxes on the level and build a stack of about 50 boxes, then light them all on fire at once to see that the barrier burn down way hotter and faster.

I did all of these, and they all worked well enough.

Crate-stacking tends to fail for heights higher than about 5 boxes. This isn’t a problem with the objects, I don’t think: when I imported my own crates and barrels into the game, I was unable to make them stack any better.

Fortunately the game generally provides you with many approaches to every puzzle. Even in that first “get the runes” tutorial room, you don’t have to stack crates to get the runes, just as you don’t have to throw something at the lever in the room that follows it. There are always other solutions :slight_smile:


This is what I’m reminded of:
The food on the plate was not what I ordered, I was lied to for multiple years about what the food is, the food was rotten in places and I picked out the bits that were less rotten as I had waited a few years for it. Then I went out of my way to warn people off the food and even then when someone orders food I try and show them how to avoid the rotten parts.
But I’m also reminded of some guy on the net who is trying to say the “cooler” thing and walk off into the sunset in slow mo.


Except in this case, the “cooler” thing is also the truth. Alongside your own truths about the game. A game that I myself have not even looked at yet! Hahahaaaaa


Dewi, thank you for weighing in on this.

That’s what I figure, which is why the state of the UX is of such concern to me.

I get what you’re saying, but my concern was more geared towards scaling heights and exploring the level. I lean towards the caster classes and am concerned I would need to spend all of my magic on simply exploring levels while crates sitting next to the jumps collect dust because bad game physics.

I think it’s a problem with how they’re handling friction, not the crate objects themselves. Walking forward into a crate should slow/impede player movement if the crate not being carried.


So why do you act like it’s a great game, hang around a forum and mock the only person who has actually played the game? I get it that you think i look petty and foolish for being angry on the internet and are trying to push me. Oldest trick in the book - attack an accuser’s character and not their accusations. I don’t get embarrassed on the internet, I just get curious as to why people cheat or lie or white knight. Makes me think you’re friends with a dev involved and think you’re the one fighting the good fight or something. My reactions feel reasonable to me, you on the other hand are personally attacking me. I just attack the product and even try and offer help to the only other guy on the planet who is playing the game you never will (but will forever white knight for)

I’m looking forward to your reply. You are more interesting and fun the UA ever was.


when i played the mana orbs floating in the air stopped working about half way through the game. you would jump into them over and over and like a quarter of the time you would actually receive the mana. just a warning if you plan on building something over 20+ hours. you may want to check with the devs if that problem was resolved. im sure they will respond within a week.


I dont act like this is a great game, and I would challenge you to find a quote somewhere. My position has been pretty clear all along.

My point to you was that you were trying to diminish jtr’s comment with your “slow fade into the sunset” thing you did.

That was all. :)


Then what do you do here? Can I ask for an estimate on how many days/weeks/months/years you have been frequenting a forum simply to make sure ol’ chuckles isn’t talking about a game he played and didn’t enjoy?


Ah, but once again, you go too far…

I actually enjoy your posts, and I often laugh out loud. Like not long ago, when you said the devs would be by in a week. I laughed at that!

No, I was, once again, just pointing out the supposedly “clever?” (more like butthurt) way you wrongfully relegated jtr’s accurate observation.

I never suggested that you stop posting here, quite the opposite. By all means, keep on going!


I don’t recall any “observations I wrongly relegated”. Go wax lyrical with your fancy man lexicon with someone else on this forum, assuming you can find anyone.

edit: Or better yet go play the game!!!