Sept 9 2019 Weekly Update!


Morning everyone!

I just finished logging all of the bugs from over the weekend across PC/Mac/Linux and PS4 after the latest patches. XBox build is still pending certification, which means we’ll be keeping an eye on Xbox’s brightness slider before we submit it this time.

As many of you know, official development on UA has slowed down, as we’ve officially overstretched our initial patch budget. At this point, additional hotfixes will only be made for egregious issues or ones that we can easily address and can be passed through certification. I’m still logging bugs and listing their priorities for IF we can scavenge together a hotfix, but that would be farther down the line.

On Kickstarter goods, I’m waiting to hear back on the publisher pass on the strategy guide and Making of UA, and then after any adjustments, I can send those over to Fangamer and start uploading those digitally for those of you who qualify. I’m aiming to send out those physical Kickstarter goods by the end of this month at the latest.

If you need anything about your pledge adjusted, such as a shipping address change or have a question about digital rewards, please email us at !

UA Sept 16 2019 Weekly Update!