Should the Game Be More "Crunchy?"


Sometimes I prefer a game to hide the mechanics from me and let me learn how the world works in game. But I find that I am clueless in Ascendant when it comes to the effectiveness of weapons and armor. Is the game better as is as we figure things out through experience and experimentation, or would people prefer seeing damage ratings and armor class ratings in the inventory? Even if it wasn’t reduced to numbers, I’m finding I would prefer SOME indication of effectiveness.

Related: I get to see damage done on some strikes with the sword (some adroit damage for sure, but some seems like not), but I only get to see a star for what I assume is adroit damage on the bow. Haven’t seen displayed numbers for spells, though I have only discovered enough runes and formulas for magic fist so far. I like seeing the damage done. It would be nice to have that as a game setting (turn off for those that don’t prefer it).

Crunchiness could apply to health and mana too - in the sense of seeing how much could be restored through consumables and spells.


That’s great feedback, I agree. As part of our combat improvements and overall balancing, we’re looking at ways to communicate things like that to players. We’re wanting to stay away from health bars and flying numbers (that’s probably pretty obvious), but plenty of other games have solved this in creative ways.


And mark me clueless - I didn’t get why the verbose sword is verbose. All those beautiful numbers flying around must be it. I have to admit - I like seeing them, and I want a verbose bow! When I saw the item description, I was hoping I would have some sort of smartass sentient sword to listen to - borderlands guns being maybe the only talking weapon I’ve had in a video game. But the flying numbers will do!


The bow DOES give numbers. You just have to be in melee range to see them. I think. I remember seeing 11’s when was shooting at one of the Animis things. I may be wrong and am remembering a less effective weapon.


I can actually recall one from 1992 you may be somewhat familiar with, where there was a frame around 3D view with a head at top, which had glowing eyes in colours from green through yellow to red, somewhat indicating the HP of opponent after each blow. Also it was displaying some blow “splat” graphics indicating size and type of damage, like big blood splatter, or small white/yellow “blunt” damage, etc…

Now if I would just recall the name of the game, something with Underworld it was, I think…

(BTW, I really like the UA way how skeletons are “dimming off”, displaying the animating necro-magic evaporating with each blow, that one really works for me, although one could go after that too and ask questions whether that bonding magic is really that strong that it prevents structural bone damage, etc… but that’s fetching it way too far … and the current system makes quite some sense, and actually allows even for some toying around, like maybe arch-lich having spells to enforce lower undeads, etc.)