Signature Weapon


I’ve introduced this topic in other threads, but I wanted to open it to brainstorming in this thread. I think SS3 deserves its own signature weapon, kinda like the gravity gun in HL2, or the GLOO cannon in prey. In fact, I’d like to see all the weapons turned into multi-tools. That said, what creative ideas can we come up with for original and ground-breaking guns in this game?


I’d like to see the SparQ beam become the ultimate weapon.
Think as if it was the levels of System Shock 1- except you start with it, and in each “research area” in each level you find a little thing that makes it better, or more efficient, or precise… you get the point.
And in the end it’s a true beast, but you literally had it to “grow” on you.

Kind of like… this?


The magnum 2100 ;D
I absolutely loved how heavy the sound was when you fired the gun. It felt as if the sound resonated around the entire level.


That was quite a video. I’m guilty of not remembering a lot of the weapons from SS2, and since I never played SS1, I have no frame of reference. The point would be an interactive environment, where guns react with mechanics to solve problems. I am not talking environmental destructivity so much as if I shock a puddle, it should electrocute anyone standing in it - a per Bioshock. Gun should be used for problem solving. I like Dead Space’s idea (though I’ve never played the game, nor would I) of making all guns “tools” that were used aboard the space ship. This, to me, is more realistic than guns - because each tool can be used as a multi-tool for problem solving. Maybe a few guns, and a few other “devices” that can be used for killing or for problem solving - that would be a good balance. Since the people here want combat-focused gameplay, the key would be versatility in combat.


Don’t know about original, but a warp-drive gun could open up some Portal type moments, maybe a twist on it could be that instead of a simple teleport, it would shift you between real world and cyberspace? This could lead to some trippy 4D moments and maybe make hacking more interesting.


Based on Warren’s comments that characters from SS1 and SS2 would figure in SS3, I’m guessing SS3 is set sometime after those two games. In particular, if it’s set after SS2, then the Psi powers of that game are potentially available.

So unless Psi is implemented in SS3 as a set of player character abilities, how about letting some weapons in SS3 emit the effects of the more entertaining Psi powers from SS2?

Something I would not like to see in SS3 is a reduction in weapon types from the original System Shock. Having different kinds of weapons contributed directly to players being able to solve challenges in their preferred style (within the limits of an “if it moves, kill it” combat game), as well as to target enemies with the type of weapon that does more damage against them. Using the energy weapons meant you had to locate, occasionally unlock, and frequently return to charging stations; using the regular kinetic weapons meant locating rounds of the appropriate projectile; using the specialty weapons like the railgun meant defeating dangerous opponents and hoping they had the right ammo when searched. (Of course you could always save and reload until you get the best ammo available from that corpse…) And the pipe/wrench and “laser rapier” let you play in a sneaky, up-close-and-personal style to conserve kinetic ammo. There were also the “too many kinds of” explosives… and if you wanted a real challenge in SS, there was always the completely useless DC-05 Riot Gun. :smiley:

I’d be shocked (so to speak) if this “different weapons for different playstyles” design attitude wasn’t also foundational to SS3.


Emergent gameplay would ideally feature emergent gunplay. How about letting the players design their own weapons? SS3’s “signature weapon” could be whatever the player makes in some kind of modular editing environment. You could even let players upload their own weapons designs for other players to use in game. People say they want hardcore gameplay, that they want complexity back rather than this streamlined console-friendly stuff; that would be pretty hardcore in my opinion. I’m talking more than just buying a grenade launcher to mount on an assault rifle from a vending machine’s menu; rather the ability to make weapons that are completely off the wall. The game would therefore reward out of the box thinking.

Besides, the idea that a century in the future weapons are still things that you manually point and shoot with seems both unrealistic and uncreative. Even today the US military is working on homing bullets. The future of everything and everything is no doubt computer-controlled, so the future of weapons will likewise be changed drastically. Forget ray guns, they’re still just normal guns. There will be many ways to ‘reach out and touch someone’ other than physically pointing and shooting something in their general direction. Something as simple as ‘shooting’ someone behind a wall should be a reality. In the future, walls aren’t what they used to be.