Slug Armor Mission - No Armor


I’m trying to perform the mission to get Slug Armor in Upper Erebus. I went to the area highlighted on the map and there was no armor to be found. There is a chest there but I previously opened it and it didn’t have the armor. I’m not sure where to find it, but I’m thinking the area didn’t reset after I last went there so there is nothing to find.


Did you stay on the same level between the time you finished the previous quest and picked up the quest for the armor?

If so, you need to force a load of the level to get the chest to reset AND the chest needs to be closed.

Basically do yourself a favor and always close chests after you use them and also make it a habit to visit the Hub (Marcaul) between missions so the chests can restock (BTW, F5 / F9 will also cause a chest to restock, though it’s a bug because it shouldn’t if you’re in the middle of a quest).

This problem was introduced when the side quests that used to be given in the Hub were moved to the individual levels.


I have left the area several times between when I first opened the chest and now, but I never closed it. Maybe that is why it happened.


I was finally forced to abandon the quest. I could not get the level to reset. I closed the chest, went back to the hub, came back and the chest was open and empty.

When I abandoned the quest and chose another one, the entire level reset. All chests were closed, enemies were back in places where I killed them. New items appeared all over the place. I was really happy when I found a money bag with 1000+ coins as it let me buy some nice items when I got back, including a rune for 500 silver that I previously couldn’t afford. I’m still not sure if I should have bought the “Sword of Light” but all of my armor and weapons are now ones with names so they won’t wear out over time.

The one problem with the reset is it makes finishing some quests and earning the side bonus virtually impossible. If you cannot equip a weapon, wand, spell, etc. you have to stealth past enemies. However, you have to burn broken doors without alerting the monster patrolling next to it, and he will see the fire. There are also monsters standing directly in the path and they are the type that always see you, even when you do your best to sneak past them.


A thousand coins in a pouch, in Upper Erebus? OWWIE! That sounds buggish. Or super low chance :smiley:

I generally treat the side missions as a nice bonus when I can complete them, but ignore them if they are annoying and conflict with my playstyle. Some are next to impossible on some levels.