So, any thoughts on update 1?



Is it good? Is it bad?? Surely by now, there must be the realisation that it works or doesnt!


Works for me.

Tested it for a few minutes last night and tonight in Upper Erebus. The saving is really nice as I’m the kind of player who likes to return to select moments as if I was rereading a page in a novel. I like what they’ve done with Upper Erebus, it feels full and gritty. I also like the new smokey/soot skeleton as the undead should look dirty; although Return to Castle Wolfenstein(2001) still has my favorite skeletal corpse enemies.


Hey thank you for your input.

I wonder if/when the “vocal critics” will weigh in??


I haven’t played it patched yet (and I admit, while I’m vocal, I try not to be overly critical: there’s plenty enough negativity already).

A few weighed in on the Steam community.

I saw one saying “saving doesn’t work” … literally just that three word post, no details, which is teeth-on-edge infuriating for any support tech who might try to write up that issue, or any dev who might try to reproduce it.

Another person gave what looks like some good information, though, saying that some loads can be very slow (they cited a ~6 mins load) and that some can cause quest completion for quests such as the “kill undead in the underswamp”. That’s been a quest that has auto-completion problems anyway, though, as most of the undead are usually killed by environmental effects before you can get to them.

I wonder if those 6 min loads are due to arrows and spell effects not cleaning up.

I would also anticipate quest completion when loading collect quests. For example, if you enter the quest, save, then load while having 3 ripper pomes in your inventory, before the patch it would complete the quest, and I doubt that’s changed.


Now that I can save I like it a lot.


Sounds like I’ll be playing soon. Will there be any DLC down the line?


Go right ahead, boyos, grab a copy while the new patch is still hot! :smiley:


It’s a marked improvement. For me, the game has gone from “unplayable due to frequent game-crashing bugs” to “playable with only occasional game-crashing bugs.” It may sound like I’m being flippant, but I’m actually being sincere. Kudos to Otherside for their work.


We’re looking at load times. We have some new analytics hooked in to help us get some data.

Re: DLC - we’d still like to, it’s been in the plan and we have a bunch of ideas, but we’re going to stay focused on making the game better in the near term.


Very nice.

I had a feeling that the save feature was gonna be a huge deal. I am impressed, that the team hasnt given up on the project.

Keep going!!!


Still not replaying yet, but just went in to test some stuff.

Bad: daaaamn, load times of even old saves are HUGE now, yeah!
Good: old save files still load just fine!

This suggests that my initial hypothesis, that it’s just arrows and spells getting saved, is not true. The same savegames now take many times longer to load than once they did.

Edit: OMG! I just saved and loaded by Aelita! The load was fast (well under ten secs)… and I reloaded by Aelita, not in the portal ring! That is SO much nicer! Hrm - might it be that only old-style saves take a long time?


It’s an improvement. The save function is nice. It’s a step in the right direction, but the game I originally backed isn’t even close to this. I appreciate Otherside’s efforts. It’s headed in the right direction and they have time to somewhat redeem themselves. I hope they’re committed to fixing this over at least the coming year. It still has a way to go.


The health/mana display appears to be broken. Only updates if I enter and exit inventory.


I’m only 3 keys in, and still feel like I don’t have enough playtime in to fill out the survey fairly. But the huge change is the performance. Before update 1 some levels would bog down and be almost unplayable. After update 1, restoring to some later saves, performance was fine. Not buttery smooth like the intro level, but certainly playable with decent performance.

The map changes were a pleasant surprise for someone who finished the game. So far it has made it ever so slightly more challenging, since I can’t just follow the old familiar paths.

I am still seeing old bugs and maybe some new ones. I’ll list those in the bugs section of the forum.

Definitely a step in the right direction, but not out of the woods yet (IMHO).


Other Update 1 thoughts with only 4 keys in:

Prior, I maybe had one assasin attack me through an entire play thru. One just ran up and killed me this morning. I felt sorry for sniping them for drops before. If they routinely attack now, game on!

I never had a lich attack before update 1. Now I see they actively attack. It will make farming aether cores more difficult.

Combat in general is much more challenging. So easy before update 1. Not really a challenge. Now I am dying 3-4 times per quest. Looks like my play style is going to have to change.

With combat more difficult, the AI less clueless, and the economy more stingy, the game play is much more tuned and challenging.


From ingame text, the Outcast Rogues will consider you fair game if you’re looking weak. Stay strong! :smiley: