So, Arkane's Prey


And Thief, and Thief 3, and Deus Ex. Emil is the dude. So happy for him and the success of Fallout 4.
Bethsoft is all about the sandbox, and they really doubled down on it with Fallout. Most of the addons are systems related not content, and they did a great job of letting me play my own twisted way. I’ve played with 4 different builds now and they all play very differently, which is the fun. Story…meh, but ultimately it’s not what I end of caring about in their games. Its a playground, I play around. The random is what always makes their worlds.


Necro but after Obsidian’s absolutely stellar Fallout: New Vegas (essentially a total conversion of FO3, granted, but they nailed overall design hard) we should expect more from the open world first person RPG. Bethesda had good intentions, but by Skyrim and Fallout 4 it’s clear they no longer care about progression of game design. Sure their games are still playable (well, your mileage may vary) but it cannot be denied they continually remove content from their IPs as well as the need to think and problem solve on a satisfactory level, among other devolutions.

Same applies to Arkane too, but Raph has already come out and said games like the classic Immersive Sims are no longer viable (in his eyes), so at least he’s not stringing classic fans along. I have no anticipation for Dishonored 2. Will I play it? Maybe. Probably. But I’ll probably just be judging it and tutting in disappointment (while still enjoying it on some level, of course) as a result of the intentionally held back design.