So update 4 is 1 new enemy?


I know it was claimed as 3 but 2 are just “variants”. So it’s just bug fixes? So all we do is set things on fire and jump around awkwardly while fighting a couple of enemies for 30ish hours?


One new “base enemy” type with variants in its behavior and potentially how you interact with it.

If you read about the Bellum, you must have skimmed through the other Update 4 notes too, including the other parts that were added. (Avoiding mentioning too much content-specific information for spoilers).


Ya, there’s a lot more in Update 4 than new enemies!


I read it but it’s spoilers so how am I to discuss it? You also list the faction quests and bug fixes, so these few faction quests are more than a couple of minutes long each and are truly significant content? Seems to me you need to produce factions because that is what you promised and upcoming projects depend on salvaging some grace for OSE’s reputation. Hopefully I am being cynical and these quests are significant content and not a few short fights and then a new vendor or whatever is available.


I want to clarify that we built up from what we have and are not introducing radically new content to UA. That would have pushed back our development time significantly and been even harder to test for.

Some new Faction quests were added in addition to the NPCs, so the mainline narrative experience has a little more to it, but the main story-line is basically the same as its been. The Faction system and its influence system returns, but now no longer as a core game requirement.


Not to immediately leap to the next thing, but… can I ask, in vague terms, what the next thing is? I imagine the console release is imminent, but after that I’m still earnestly hoping for DLC to beef up the monster and NPC roster. I know it’s likely nothing is set in stone until you see how console sales play out, but I’d love even the barest hint that more is still to come. That there still will be DLC, even!


We made Update 4 with the expectation that it would be the Last Content we could afford to build for Underworld Ascendant.

However! Once we have confirmation that this is the last large content update, I believe some of our fan modders have some plans…


I think it was said somewhere back when they started doing the updates, that the free updates were done instead of (and using the funding for!) the DLCs. So, unless the game starts suddenly doing super well, there likely won’t be more funding for DLCs. So I suspect we got much of the planned DLC content for free, but probably not fleshed out as deeply as they would’ve been able to in profitable for-pay DLCs.

Morally and from a business point of view, free updates feels like it was the right call, given the game as it was first released. Releasing the updates as paid DLCs might well have buried them, but what they have now sets them in a far better place to build on with future games. I’m looking forward to the next Underworld, and seeing what they’ve learned from this one.


I’ve a vacation starting in two hours, but I’m thinking we should be able to have at least the basic modding tools and a writeup of how to mod, by July 7th? Maybe with a couple small mods as examples.


Hm. Well, I admit, that’s quite disappointing. It’s certainly tempered my enthusiasm a bit.

The idea of another Underworld down the road is one I hadn’t considered. I would love that. At that point, though, would they be guided by what the backers and fans wanted this one to be, or would they simply create another experience equally unlike the originals? They didn’t want to make the game we wanted, after all.


IF there was ever a plan for a UA2, it would be using the existing UA engines and systems but with a smaller and deeper narrative line. I wouldn’t expect it to be a bigger and better version of UA, but instead its own isolated story using the UA systems.

I was interested in some of the draft pitches we had saved for UA2, but no confirmation on that front yet. It could also be years from now that we revisit the game, unfortunately. Funding is always on the forefront of our minds.


Ah. Hopes raised and then immediately dashed, then.

Oh, well. One day someone will reboot Underworld again, I guess.

It’s interesting… I’m sure the horrific irony has been mentioned before, but it was the very thing that got everyone excited in the first place that caused the project’s downfall. We all assumed that the original developers coming back would mean the result would be akin to the original games, but it was the fact that they’d already made it once that meant they didn’t want to do it again. If it had been made by brand new devs who were long-time fans it might have worked out.

In the meantime I shall play this new thing. I think it looks like a lot of fun, if not specifically what I’d been hoping for.


You mean Ultima [Underworld].


I’m not really sure the distinction is necessary!


Hahahaaa cant believe I missed this little gem.

Yes the distinction is needed.

Ascendant couldnt have anything to do with Ultima.

That sux.

Clearly Ultima comes first


I assume you’re just trying to score anti-dev points, but just in case, what I meant was that the failure of this endeavor had nothing to do with its lack of explicit connection to Ultima lore. If they’d just made a game that looked and played like UU, we’d all have been fine with it, which is why we backed it in the first place. So, no. In the context of what I was actually saying, since I was the one making the point, the distinction isn’t necessary.


Thank you! That is much more clear.