Some Member Stats Are Empty?


Not a criticism, but it looks like some member stats weren’t copied into the new database.

Topics Created and Posts Created appear to have been copied; Likes Given is new (so nothing to copy), but Days Visited, Read Time, Topics Viewed, and Posts Read – if those existed on the old forums – look like they didn’t get filled in.

It’s not a big deal, but there is a little part of me that’s sad to see the disappearance of some markers that I’ve been a vocal supporter since the early days.

Even so, if this and the bullet-points thing are the worst “problems” from the conversion to the Discource-based forum, that’s a pretty darn successful transition! :grinning:

One other thing I just noticed: on the user stats page, even though I’ve been poking at features on the new forum to try them out, all my stats are 0 for this week. When I change the time period to today, or all-time, they look more correct, but they’re still not quite accurate. For example, I gave one Like earlier tonight. That shows up as 1 when I set the time period to Today, but for all other time periods it’s 0. So it looks like something is a little off.