Soundtrack preferences for SS3


I loved SS2’s soundtrack…until the drums started. Way too tinny sounding and chaotic for my tastes. Pulled me right out of the experience. It was annoying to the point that I replaced them with silent audio files.

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Seems like this is the direction they’re going with the System Shock Reboot. What do you guys think? I love it personally!


Generic modern neurofunk. Not the kind of dnb I’d like in my System Shock.


I’m with you there. Too much drums and speed, too little melody. Sadly generic, and the main game is probably going to be orchestrated, by the looks of it. It doesn’t fit the scenario for me, but I think it’s the only downside to me from this remake.


I find this bland and unevocative. It’s that modern “neuro” sound, complete with pitched-up synth “snare” that doesn’t have much snare in it, never really been able to get into it.

This is the sort of thing that would probably work better imo (1st minute is atmospheric intro stuff before beat kicks in):

One thing I really like in dnb, and the original SS2 had it, is a tambourine or shaker instrument. You hear it all the time in 90’s dance music, though not as much now. Pity.

This is the sort of thing that would probably work better imo (1st minute is atmospheric intro stuff before beat kicks in):

Sounds even more generic and repetitive to me :confused:
Why must nearly all post-90s dnb have extremely simple drum patterns all the way through. No progression, complexity or alternation. Yawn.


I do have to agree that some parts of the music sounded generic. And the orchestral music they’ve got planned for the Reboot is just plain weird in a game like that.

But, I personally have as much expertise in music as your average slice of toast (hmmm… me want…!). My way of judging goes as the following:
“I don’t tag music. I don’t call obvious Trance, Chillstep or Techno music Trance, Chillstep or Techno. All i care about is that it has musical tones and i don’t affiliate it with anything else. I just listen to what I am given and if i like it i like it, that’s my ideology.”

I don’t want to judge music based on other music. If you expect a sequel of a game to be exactly like the previous one, and it’s something completely different, doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. Something as simple as a Tag given to that game can ruin your entire experience and I just don’t want to look at things from that viewpoint. An excellent example of this is the Tiberian universe in the Command and Conquer series.

Off course, if you reboot a game you do rightfully expect it to look a lot like the original, and that’s something else. I recognised what music track it was based on, felt a lot of nostalgia and just made me feel happy. It was good enough for me, and I don’t want anything else to ruin that experience for me.

Doesn’t mean there is no room for improvement, in fact i would suggest the opposite, that it’s good enough doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be any better! Make this game as memorable and amazing as it can possibly be!


I’m still with him, even though this music is a little better in terms of style, but lacks progression (the best word to describe). Like hearing an orchestra, you need an ever evolving sound, or even, when hearing an instrumental for a band, let’s take YYZ from Rush for instance, it’s an always evolving stream with a personality. That’s what we need in electronic music and most of the time we lack. Videogames can actually surprise us as they normally present OSTs that go against the common brand, and they need to do so, as they’re only instrumental and need to carry the personality of the game with them. Other song I can think of that’s amazing is Dance of Eternity from Dream Theater.


I personally loved the Drum and Bass. Would be happy to make it see a comeback! Orchestral stuff is overrated.


I also prefer DnB over the orchestra stuff they’re going with, this orchestrated music doesn’t fit to a cyberpunk setting. I used orchestra as a means of comparing the kind of work they did with this remake of System Shock 1’s intro song, to something that would be a better fit in build, that is, an electronic sound with complexity, not just some repetitive souless thing. System Shock 2 is a perfect example of good electronic music, it had progression and melody, and could be a good style to go with this remake. But they seem to have their mind set, one of the stretch goals is to make the entire OST an orchestrated work. Sadly.


One thing I liked is it chimed in at just the right moment, adding tension to an already intense moment.


SS2’s old school industrial techstep drum & bass with its somewhat own unique style was fine, in fact I’m a big fan of it. From what I’ve heard SSR’s going to have generic modern neurofunk drum & bass which doesn’t sit well by me, but that’s not fair to state as I’ve only heard two tracks so far.


The thing I like the most from SS2’s OST is that ethereal synth sound. The DnB was cool, but if it was to be a more faithful recreation of SS1’s OST, I think something a little more worked on the beat would be even better. Take Reactor level’s track for instance, it has kind of a built sound, the drums aren’t going all out in a fast repetitive beat, they’re more thought out and work around dictating the rhythm, while also being influenced by the other sounds. But in fast situations the DnB sound is perfect I must say, it can pass a tense atmosphere.

Something to think about is that SS2’s OST isn’t a finished work, it was still being experimented on and was put in the game, even though incomplete, because of time constraint problems, and still was a fantastic soundtrack. Everytime I hear it I think about what it could have been, as a finished work.

I cited Reactor level’s theme back there, but I must also mention Executive level’s one, that thing is fantastic, and it’s really sad it may not be in the reboot.

EDIT: Medical level’s track has kind of DnB beat, not fast like it, but resembles a little.


Implying all drum & bass has repetitive beats, and also that they aren’t very well thought out and lack rhythm.


Hahahahahahahaha. Nah. I say it is more well thought, and that the rhythm of the other sounds also dictate the drums pace. Also, I’m using SS2’s DnB as parameter.


I guess I should finally own up: I’m one of those who didn’t care for the music in SS2.

I get that in theory it was supposed to be some sort of post-industrial cybersound… but in practice, it distracted me from being in the world of the game every time it kicked in.

I don’t think an orchestral soundtrack would necessarily be wrong for SS2. Listen to James Horner’s isolated soundtrack to Alien – that is some disturbing stuff. Or if you want brain-bending, there’s always György Ligeti; his music used in 2001: A Space Odyssey is alien in its own way.

That said, I suspect a smaller band would deliver a more intimate sound for the game I imagine SS3 might want to be. Just please, for the love of little green apples, somebody tell the drummer to relax. ;D




Well, the orchestrations in those films really worked well, for sure, but they do not convey a futuristic feel. But if you take Vangelis’ Theme for Blade Runner, there’s kind of a blend between orchestration and digital sounds, and it gives you the cyberpunk feeling. If they do something like it, who knows, we might have some new iconic musics coming! The best of two worlds.

EDIT: I’m really excited by this idea now, mixing the ethereal synth to some violins and complementing to the beat of acoustic and electronic drums. Even though they would need to know of this idea… But how? They don’t seem to be going that way, instead, they seem to be going full orchestra. The last bit of the demo plays a track that’s really Bioshockish, which doesn’t fit at all.


They really should stick rather closely to SS2 as a model. That doesn’t mean they have to copy the music but they should use the same style, same instruments and just create new songs from that. Of course it has to match the environment too but there’s plenty to work with using SS2’s tracks. I think it was OPS4 that I thought was really kick-ass in particular.


A quote from the recent update says otherwise

“We’re going to have an audio update written by Jonathan, our audio engineer and composer, to go over this stuff in more detail some time this week. Until then, the short answer is that the final score will definitely be more cyberpunk than just straight orchestral. Also, the full orchestra stretch goal will not change the music style. It will make all orchestral elements crisper while maintaining the electronic pieces.”