Soundtrack preferences for SS3


Yeah, drums should create tension, and chime in at key moments.


I agree there. In SS2 they kind of had to mix it in; but it would be much more effective having it dynamic.

I always felt there was two main mood types to the SS2 music:
(I’m no music expert but I have been listening to the soundtrack on my mp3 player for many many years ever since it was released).

Part - 1) Each of the base parts of the music set the scene/generalised area of the ship.

  • Technology (Medical/Engineering - Repetative futuristic/neo effects to represent the cyber/tech parts of ships/places)
  • Isolation. (Command decks - echo feeling, belowing sounds)
  • Suspense/Dread (Rec - Heartbeat effects with alternating twilight tones set the paranoia and suspense; it gave you a feeling that you were getting closer to the many by having a familiar/universal biological sound effect.)

^ Basically the point I’m getting at with Part 1 is that each base part of the music was almost like a description of the level/scene.

Part - 2) Combat Pace

Intensity - (Pretty Fast and hard hitting drum & bass. It almost had a mechanical/industrial theme to it. It pushed you on; like time was running out. It woke you up from whatever you were doing and made your senses/focus come alive.)

If they capture these two main elements of the shock music… it’d be great. But If they went further by maybe adding more parts/scene types then that would be even more interesting (but they don’t have too).

However there’s definitely one overall music theme to both SS1 and SS2… Technology + Drum & Bass (mixed in).