SS1 Re-master - :O


Anyone seen this video from facebook?

Original article:


100% getting.


Looks even better than I expected.


Nailed it. Looks exactly how it should.


The glare seems a bit overdone at places, though. Also, some of the blood could perhaps be darker as well. Currently looks a bit like paint or juice to me.

Other than that, pretty good for a pre-alpha.


Looks pretty good for a pre-alpha! The only thing that concerns me however is how they are using massive amount of smoke, bloom and Depth of Field perception. It’s as if they’re trying to hide inperfections to the game by putting extreme amounts of make-up over it. Buuuuut, it’s a pre-alpha, so i shouldn’t be judging (yet)!

Map design? They are saying that they are trying to re-design some of the levels to their specifications, but the only things i see so far are almost exact copies of the original. In fact, they are only showing a small fraction of the Medical level here. I’m not sure about this one. If you want screenshots, i’d be more than happy to provide them for comparison.

Allright, the graphics look good, but the hammer? Is it even a hammer? It feels so glossy… Buuuut, once again, pre-alpha so i’ll just shut my mouth ;D

Don’t get me wrong here, the game actually looks a lot better than i anticipated, compared to the preview they gave us a long time ago in some polygon article. They listened to the community and reworked the HUD! Small details like this do show to me that they really do care. But the level design of the original was already pretty well done, feeling cramped, and spacious where-ever it needed to be. The added depth to the walls that the original did not have however makes the rooms feel a lot more crowded, and i’m not sure how this will help the game accomplish the feeling of a realistic environment. I’m sorry but to me, the “Medical level” does not feel as medical to me anymore. It has much more of a “Reactor level” look to me now. I really wonder how they are going to make the environment look more realistic and fitting.


Mh. Maybe I’ll play the original SS1 on Steam. Remakes look great, but I prefer the original versione because are… vintage. :smiley:


It’s a pipe. You can see it more clearly at the beginning of the video when it’s picked up.


It looks amazing, I just hope that when they get to remastering the soundtrack they do it justice. I trust that they will, though.


stoked! Looks great so far. Hopefully we get to see more teasers soon :slight_smile: I hope they implement the moving crosshair and try to replicate the somewhat sluggish movement of SS1 since it contributes a lot to the immersive feel (imho).


I think the levels in System Shock don’t resemble so much what they should actually be, because of Shodan’s changes to Citadel. And of course, the level wasn’t well furnished, probably because of the limitations, but I expect the remake to work on this.


Speaking only of the original version, but I have to disagree. Many of the decks looked like they were supposed to.

My concern with this remake is that they may stray from the 80s style cyberpunk theme / style, that was quite strong in the original version.

What is 80s style cyberpunk? For a modern example, Shadowrun Returns has that in abundance.


I think that the pre-alpha footage looks sufficiently noisy and colourful to at least count as a nod to that aesthetic with all those fluorescent lights and the service bots or even that logo at the end.


It didn’t bother me because my only reference was the original DOS SS1, which used a simple color palette and a lot of strongly colored and contrasted artwork with blinky lights and effects. Admittedly they overdid it a bit with the post-processing but it doesn’t offend as much because they’re remaking such an old game. Had they done this with HL2 it would have looked obviously terrible but I think it’s rather fitting for SS1.


Blood Dragon.


What people may call 80’s Cyberpunk, I just call Cyberpunk. You know, anything that goes away from that style can just be called futuristic sci-fi, even though the idea of cybepunk is a world that contrasts high-technology with low-life, the style of that neon colorful world, full of chrome and where it’s almost always night stuck, at least to me, as a cyberpunk type of… architecture.(?)

Neuromancer had its sunny moments, and well, yeah, the world still has a sun, it’s just that it’s not that interesting.

Shadowrun is godlike, more games should be like it.


+1 on Shadowrun.

I also mentioned Tron for the cyberspace moments.


awesome! any news? wasn’t there supposed to be a kickstarter?


Yes, this was just announced for June 29.

I’m pretty selective with my KS money these days, but NightDive has really put a lot of work into creating a promising foundation for this remake, enough so that I feel pretty confident in backing them. I look forward to this.


Tbh, I never saw either game as cyberpunk, despite the augmentations, AI antagonists and the first one having a vibrant color palette reminiscent of the 80s. Because the games are set in space (which admittedly does happen in Neuromancer etc) and that “low life” aspect was never present, and like Infitron mentioned, things like UNN feel like traditional “post-cyberpunk” scifi.


Maybe we need a new term then. Let’s call it SS1-punk. We want that back!