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That’s a reasonable question. We live until coming to this conclusion with no real feeling of being controlled, and even after coming to the conclusion we can’t grasp this feeling, it’s just something that doesn’t work out well with conscience. So, we just roll the bones. I’m not fazed about it, but not everyone feels so at ease. Needs a little detachment of life itself.

I’ve been thinking about the “quantum scale free will”, and it makes sense it can’t be something that works in favor of our possibility of free will. It would cause a certain randomness that still wouldn’t be free will. Free will would be if we were the ones creating the randomness, bending physics to what we want, with no other physics playing around it.

But, even if true free will can never be achieved, after all, we’re all living under those laws, there’s a limited “free will” we could have, that would mostly improve everyone’s quality of life. We can’t concieve something out of no stimuli, our brain’s are made to respond to things, not to work out of nothing, if this could be circumvented we would be really free to work around our own emotions and see through some new perspectives from our own crafting. For instance, we can’t comprehend the full scheme of colors a peacock can see, our eyes do not have the structure needed to see it, but we know where those colors should come in the color scheme, going even further, where’re their wave lengths, maybe our brains could work out through logic how are those colors, but as we have no control over its plasticity, we’re forever trapped in our limited view of the world. If we had true freedom, we would be able to create those colors in our brain, see them, even with no outside stimuli. Not only this, we would be able to create a number of other abstract concepts, as well, we would most probably not be limited by our emotions. It’s not true free will, but that’s the best we could hope.


Freewill is an illusion. The variables are just so many because it derrives from our personal histories of positive and negative stimuli… combined with our chemical instinctual processes… It gives the impression of it… but when you boil it down. We don’t… it’s a really the social ripple of evolution & time.

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