SS1 remake Kickstarter -- June 28th


The Kickstarter for the SS1 reboot/remake/remaster/rewhatever will start tomorrow, according to this article:

There will also be a demo (still work in progress):

And here’s a countdown based on time mentioned in the above article:


Steam summer sales or Kickstarter Campaign? :o

Kickstarter Campaign of SS1!!! 8)


They’re being able to stay really faithful to what System Shock Vanilla is, I admire this so much. And they’re Kickstarter has enough backup material to hold its own and show what they’re capable of. I’m legitimately happy with how System Shock is being treated now, it was kind of a far fetched dream to me.


It’s live:


Yeah check it out…
and there is a demo !!!


Looks great!

Is it going to have anything new on top of the old game (new levels, story elements, new weapons etc.)?


Check out the stretch goals. Yes, its possible there will be.


Let’s hope so.

I know almost every SS1 map, corridor, location of items/enemies etc. so if it’s just a (great!) new look & sound, it probably wouldn’t be enough for me to be on board.


Very nice demo! The controls are better than the original and the enhanced editions.


This isn’t photorealism like in the new Doom, as the pcgamer link states, it looks more like a 2007 game.

But it 100% captures the atmosphere of System Shock.

Hope Underworld Ascendant ultimately gets there as well.


While I could certainly nitpick what is clearly an early vertical slice (no prone position being kind of a strange omission, and the SS1 soundtrack will be hard to replace) I really liked the demo. They nailed the art style and I like the interface.

Also, it has one feature that I’ve been screaming for for years: if you’re going to play pre-made animations from the first person view, let the player move around freely while they’re happening. So glad they implemented that.


lol that is also the first thing I commented on.


Is there a connection between Night Dive Studios and Otherside? The kickstarter scheme looks familiar :wink:


Kickstarters tend to copy each other a lot. There’s practically a format for it these days.

Other than that, Otherside and Night Dive are partnered over SS3 and there’s probably some consulting for the reboot going on. And of course Terri Brosius and Robb Waters are LGS alumni taking part in the project.


Feels sort of mean to say this but I really hope it doesn’t reach $1.4M. Why would I want an RPG leveling system in a game that was never about that? And I can’t say I think an orchestral score is the right fit for this.
And why the hell are ammo types a stretch goal? The demo looks nice but there’s a lot I don’t like about this.


Exactly the same thoughts, even wrote about it in the comments there. RPG-progression demands full rebalance of enemies and weapons, and this will be just a different game, not SS1. And orchestral soundtrack in SS1 is as much fitting as cyberpunk-ish techno in medieval RPG.

Demo feels ok, I’m glad to see such a familiar place in a new look :slight_smile: But I hope that Rebecca’s briefing and all the logs were cut just for the purposes of the demo.

Still pledged 50$, anyway.



Maybe… Just maybe they’ll get really creative and surprise us with the RPG leveling system. I have no idea how, but if they were to add it, it shouldn’t restrict your freedom in the game (too much). What people loved about SS1 is their levels of freedom they had.


I could see a point-based skill system like Deus Ex 1 had bolting on fairly easily. You keep all the implants, but add a skill component to aiming, run/jump speed, healing effectiveness, etc.

But I would also rather they just stuck to the way the original worked.


I literally came here to say the only red flag I see is the RPG stretch goal. While I never played the original and can’t comment on appropriateness, the very idea of something as core to a gaming experience as a leveling system being decided by backing numbers, rather than their creative vision for the game, does not bode well.

If they are 25% done, they should have a clearer vision than that.


Unlike in UA, from what I see so far, it seems like I’ll be on the Otherside of the discussion this time (pun intended).

I really like the look, atmosphere and sound. Can’t wait to see the more interesting locations like the flight deck, reactor area etc.

My only problem is: I - like many others here - played SS1 over months and months. We know everything about the plot, maps, enemies etc.

For me, it would have to offer something new, at least 2-3 new levels, new story challenges etc.

For everyone who didn’t play the 1990s version I can only say: Get on board, fantastic game, must-have !!