SS3 Dev Team


Is it different than the folks working on UA? After seeing some of the design decisions made there (nothing to do with budget or team size), hopefully yes?


Have you seen the concept art they posted a while ago?


The SS3 team is entirely based in Austin, but we share feedback on occasion.

EDIT Nov 26 2018: Earlier, this comment stated that we share codebases. This is actually false. I meant to say that we both use Unity and CAN share assets between the two projects, but we do have not done so.


Zanderat, why do you ask?


@sluangkhot, thnaks.

@Flatfingers, I ask because of the way UA is shaping up to be. I concerned that, the way UA has lost its “UUness”, the same fate awaits SS3.


Sadly, I think we have reason to be pessimistic.


Reminds me of Tron 2.0.


Dang, I keep forgetting the general public hasn’t seen the SS3 builds!

The last three in the IGN article are the ones that remind me the most of what I’ve seen in the builds so far. Not quite in the same exact architecture, but also in the feeling. Haven’t seen some of the more abstract areas yet myself…


Reminds me of Kandinsky.


The concept art images from last year make me think how System Shock 1 was probably originally imagined to look like, since the game in many places looks weird and you wonder what is what and how strangely the Citadel station is shaped.

The levels itself have fine design, but the aesthetics are strange to me, yet these concept art pictures make you realize what kind of places you actually visited in the original game.

I bet with today’s technology the new space station or whatever place will look much more authentic and living.


The question is, to what extent do the SS3 team feel that any parts set (apparently) back on Citadel Station need to match the look that the NightDive team are creating for their System Shock remake?

If there are any Citadel bits in SS3, it won’t bother me at all if they look like an up-rezzed version of the original… but that’s just me. What about the people who never played the original System Shock who play NightDive’s remake? For them – and there’ll probably be more of them than us – wouldn’t it be nice if the Citadel Station they see in SS3 matches what they experienced in the SS remake?


I like the concept art. For my money it’d be worse if it were just a copy of something else. These guys made their names by trying new things after all!