SS3 fans suggestions



I may need to rewatch Silent Running; from my limited recollection it seems more of an inspiration to Mystery Science Theater 3000 (guy stuck alone in a space vessel with only his robot pals for company) than System Shock.

Are there connections to System Shock that I’m missing?


Jettison that greenhouse! Crewmembers becoming enemies, themes of empathy and paranoia around machines – Inspired by, not a direct lift. I’d call it a nod, overall, like Alien being an inspiration with Giger-esque textures and such.


I had the unique “displeasure” to watch that movie when I was an adolescent. It was playing on TV and somehow hooked me on an afternoon. (maybe it was raining). on that day, that movie taught me a depth of despair that I still feel today. I think I recall I even cried in despondency.

of course I’ve rewatched it since then. now I just find it a sad movie showing the downward spiral of one isolated individual’s hopelessness.

perfect back story for an immersive sim !


Yeah. Save the wildlife preserve, the Ark…

…only to have it evolve into something horrific, in spite of it. The road to Hell…

And without evoking Event Horizon.