SS3: Return to Cyberspace?


One more brainstorm: Geometry that rearranges itself. At least in cyberspace.


Re-arranging geometry would be very cool.

I already own and have played Tron 2.0. Superb game. Too bad the movie was nothing like it.


+1 for cyberspace! Some TRON-ish visuals would be great.


clean, colourful, simplistic, elegant, functional, awesome!!!


Don’t forget Conway’s Game of Life!

What i’d actually would love to see is Cyberspace how System Shock Infinite (a mod for System Shock 2) handled it. Even though i didn’t like the mod by itself, I absolutely loved the parts with Cyberspace! Being able to walk and fly SS1 style in a SS2-esque version of cyberspace, fighting against time to complete your objectives!


A good reference point for cyberspace would be the Shadowrun Returns games. I’d definitely recommend them for a let’s play!


I think it’s pretty much universally accepted that the only reason Cyberspace didn’t have a big presence in SS2 was because there was no way to make it work in the Dark Engine given the time and budget constraints with which the team had to work.


I vote for Cyberspace to return. System Shock 2 didn’t had it because Thief’s engine wasn’t able to create it.


Cyberspace should definitely be part of the game. It made the neural implant stuff so much more immersive!


With support like this I can’t understand why everyone on the web AND the designers think that nobody liked cyberspace.

My theory: All the people with motion sickness + generic gamers who shouldn’t even be playing SS were whining and somehow outnumbered the true fans with solid stomachs.


There’s only one thing I think that could be improved in the classic Cyberspace: the grid. It was a little difficult to understand where was the grid of the section you were on, which could bring to some confusion trying to find your way through the link corridors. I believe that, from a hacker’s perspective into cyberspace, such confusion wouldn’t happen as he would have some kind of physical notion of the place, and that should reflect on the player, understanding his surroundings even with the grid styled cyberspace.


You should give RED ALARM a try for the virtual boy.


The word Red and Virtual Boy together, already giving me a headache and I didn’t even see it.


same here, yes to cyberspace. one of the points why ss1 is better than 2, and ss2 failed to capture the spirit of 1, second point is the seperation of playing ground, please do one big station etc. and let us solve the story (puzzles) in there, returning to placed from the beginning and dynamically changing - evolving (i would not like a set of maps you visit only once), and make the story/puzzle hints optional - that is also what i loved about ss1 - you had to listen carefully on your own


I personally hated cyberspace and wouldn’t miss it a bit should it not be included.


That just means they built it wrong. Look up Shadowrun Returns, cyberspace is done well in that series.


Or… HE doesn’t like cyberspace. I think it was done perfectly as it was. It’s pretty subjective how it could have been “improved”. I didn’t care for the stupid clown faced enemies in cyberspace but someone else might point out that in cyberspace everything is stylized and iconic because it’s supposed to represent something more abstract or sophisticated by using simple forms. That’s valid but it still bothers me for irrational reasons. Some people just don’t like SS cyberspace, which is fine but I think those that did go hugely under-reported because the erroneous assumption all this time has been that cyberpsace was a big mistake in SS1 and that’s complete bull$hit.


I never played SS1, but I am happy for a return to cyberspace, if only to experience it myself.


If you haven’t played SS1, I think you should make it a priority. Play the good old dos version. There’s a patch for mouse control if you need it. Once you get past level 1 there’s no going back. You’ll get sucked in.


I concur.