Star Citizen 2.0 and free flight till December 14, 2015!


Star Citizen is close to launching its long awaited 2.0 alpha build, in this build you are no longer confined to a “Arena” and you can fly the first multicrew ships, the Constellation and the Retaliator. You can also exit you ship and explore in the first person anything and anywhere, you can even board other peoples ships… and do so with hostility! Yup there is a first person shooter aspect in Star Citizen 2.0, you can explore one of many stations to get different weapons and engage in combat with other players. There are several missions available, so get a crew together and get it done!

The bonus? Right now if you simply sign up you can immediately begin to download and enjoy Star Citizen till the end of day of December 14th, 2015. No Purchase Necessary! You will be given a Aurora MR, Mustang Alpha, and a Gladius to test drive during the event! The 2.0 patch is only days away (some of us are already testing it, me included) but you can check out the 1.3 patch till 2.0 hits!

Use this link and get signed up and started with a bonus $5,000 game credits immediately! You can spiff your hangar up with that!

See you in the verse!


Another Citizen… good! ;D
I bought the game on March 2015 but I’ve never played it. Now I’m waiting for the 2.0 before download Star Citizen.


2.0 is now LIVE! :smiley:


I have backed it and so far it is really nice play, they have came a long way, if you decide to fund can would not mind helping me recruit new members my code is STAR-YLZ2-Z9TK


Free fly again this week! Till March 20th!