A few off the top of my head…

Avatars unite
Got runes?
A light in the Abyss
Earthclot misses you
Dwarves, Elves…Shrooms? What was in this coffee?
Exterminating cave spiders since 1992
Kickstart the abyss



Lets reinvent adventure game together through Kickstarter.


“We Raised the Underworld”

…after all, it is the Kickstarter Exclusive shirt.


“bika tosa yeshorr click!”

(sorry for my bad lizzard … its near 20 years and I still remember this!)


@Littlecarnage “bica tosa yeshor’click!” actually. ^^
Too bad it seems tour friends aren’t in the Abyss anymore.
Many good slogans proposed in that forum.

“Vas Uus Por” comes to mind too. Although that would not be enough to raise the Underworld.
“Journey Onward”
“Raised by Backers”
“The Slasher is gone, welcome Backers”
“Gaze into the Abyss”
“It takes all sorts of people to make the Underworld” - Don Marquis
“Rats, Goblins, Dwarves, Elves, Fungi… and now Backers!”


Let’s make it a hockey jersey back, number 3: Rodriguez :slight_smile:

  1. Rekindel the Abyss

  2. Torch enlightment

  3. Kickstarter (written in RUNES)!
    3a) Kickstarter Backer (written in RUNES)!

  4. Righteous Avatar

ohhhhh and

  1. Yes - I killed the Slasher of Veils…20 years ago


Hah. I’m not even going to suggest something, because my vote goes to “Dwarves, Elves…Shrooms? What was in this coffee?”

That’s just brilliant.


I kinda love this!




Got Runes?


This was going to be my suggestion…but you got there first…:wink:


“We Raised the Underworld” +1

That is perfect for a backer shirt! And it’s an amusing curiosity conversation starter for those that don’t know what we’re talking about. ("…Is that band?" “Yes. Of Elves, Dwarves, and Walking mushrooms!”)


I am speechless.This is making my day.
Thats the Moment where I up my pledge to Avatar.
Thank you so much for the shirt!!! Love you guys!!!

There where many really good slogans I think. Must have been a hard choice.
“Got Runes?” was my personal favorite (right after my suggestion)


Grats Sark =)

Wonder if they’ll use some other suggestions for the non kickstarter exclusive?


Congrats Sark.

I was in the process of upping my pledge to get a shirt, when I saw something in the fine print.

Comes in sizes S,M,L & XL

Sorry, I’m a big guy. That don’t cut it. Oh well, maybe the non-KS shirt will have better size availability.


Shirt added. 14 minutes left… closing in on 900k :slight_smile:


Avatar Charted Tours Ltd. -“Getting there is the EASY part”
-“All Destinations are Final”
-“Accomodations by Silver Tree”
-“Making Friends and Enemies for Life”
-“9 out of 10 Leaping Lords vote yes”


Got to agree +1