System Shock 3 Announced!



I tryed Alien Isolation with Oculus Rift and this awesome game has become absolutely fantastic!
System Shock 3 with VR will be incredible.


Well if were going to get VR support we need the VR community to weigh in… so tell any VR people you know about the survey :slight_smile:


First Underworld and now System Shock!? I’m shocked! :slight_smile: (sorry)

Anyway, this is very exciting news, gonna have to dust off the old CDs, or buy them again from somewhere.



I don’t think we need anymore news posts, that one wins.


Check out some concept art, and Warren’s team down south!


That was me wondering whether Warren talking about “tying up loose ends” was signaling that the franchise would end as a trilogy. :slight_smile:


I personally hope so. I like it when stories have a definite conclusion. All good things must come to an end, not go on forever and forever to be milked for all eternity until the last drops are a mix of blood and piss.


I could be OK with more games in the world of System Shock if the story’s right.

But I think I would make this SHODAN’s finale. Give her a resoundingly memorable sendoff.


I don’t really care how many iterations the System Shock story goes through as long as each has a good story and great gameplay.


Congrats guys. It’s been awesome seeing you go from a scrappy little start up with a few seconds of ugly-as-hell footage to the impressive dev of two of my most anticipated games that you are now.

I admit, I passed on your kickstarter when I saw it… It was just too early, too little there to judge. I’m happy to have hopped on as a slacker backer since. You guys have really come a long way.