System Shock 3 News


Is there anything new with this game?

Haven’t heard or seen anything since last year. Even concept art would be pretty cool or whatever.


It’s not much, but did you see Warren’s (admittedly brief) comments at E3 2018?


They posted some concept art here in the forum a while ago. It looked like a Kandinsky painting.

I sincerely hope OS will change course.


Last I heard, Warren Spector said he and a couple close affiliates were “blue boxing,” or “black boxing,” the game. I forget the term. I got the impression it was in the preliminary stages of planning, though they have a few ideas for how to surprise the player already.


I think the term is Gray-Boxing.


Isn’t grey boxing an early build of the environment? I’m no dev but it sounds a lot more advanced than early planning to me… actually getting things down in the real world?


Sam mentioned a month or so back that there was an early internal build of SS3, presumably to let OtherSide staff poke at some of the key design ideas.

Actually, it occurs to me that SS3 development under Warren is immensely less visible than that of Underworld Ascendant. Where UA was Kickstarted, and we were shown early builds and enjoyed frequent exchanges with the dev team, fans of SS3 have gotten a nearly-dead sub-forum, a few (admittedly very cool) pieces of concept art, and Warren very grudgingly acknowledging that SS3 will reference both SS1 and SS2 and will offer some feature that hasn’t been seen before… and that’s about it.

I get the very distinct impression that Warren is not a fan of exposing work-in-progress to the obloquy of gamers. I’m not expecting him to suddenly embrace an indie ethic. And in his shoes I don’t know that I’d enjoy a bunch of System Shock geeks declaring that every design choice I’ve labored over for a new game in a cult franchise is obviously stupid.

But… it would be nice to see some signs of life. We’re still here, talking constructively about this franchise, because we also love it and want the new installment to succeed, too.


Work on SS3 is still proceeding as intended, and the Austin team is dedicated to hitting their next milestone in the next few months, of which the details I cannot disclose.

The most I can say is that the Shock team knows this is going to require a lot of work, and they’re juggling some really interesting ideas around that they want to be set on before they make anything public. Plus, it’s far easier to advertise a game that’s nearly done than one that’s being worked on from the front AND back at the same time.


Thanks, Sam.

I find it really tricky talking about SS3 because it’s hard to keep the hats I’m wearing distinct.

With my gamer hat on, it’s driving me nuts that info on SS3 is being locked down compared to the relatively much more public development of OtherSide’s other big game, UA.

But with my “let’s pretend I’m an Industry Person” hat on, good grief, gamers can be awful and how could I not agree with keeping SS3 under wraps until it’s mostly feature-complete?

All things considered, it’s more important that a new System Shock game sees the light of day than it is for me to be able to contribute in even the tiniest of ways to its development. So if virtually all we hear about SS3 is the Official Approved PR info, released according to the predetermined marketing schedule, well, okey-dokey.



I’m guessing a different approach to UA may be in order, for various reasons :wink:

Given the UA path with hindsight, I cant say I disagree…though I still think ongoing feedback is invaluable (even if it’s not public)


It is only interesting to see things for discussion’s sake, but otherwise I don’t care too much to see work in progress stuff. It is embarrasing how people praise game studios that reveal as much stuff as possible, show openly their plans and discuss the game development. There is nothing wrong liking this, but I haven’t seen too many cases where it actually leads to a better game, which is in the end the ultimate goal - a good game.

There seems to be even demand for open ended studios, but I encourage Otherside Entertainment to not lean too heavily that way.


I wouldn’t argue that a somewhat open development process should yield a better game. What I would argue is that transparency increases trust.

That might not do anything for the quality of an individual game, but it could be helpful to a game development studio. A team that shows some ongoing progress is a team I can trust because they’re willing to trust me. An individual game might have some design choices I don’t like, but if I trust the studio, I’ll be there for their next game, and the one after that.


I actually finished SS1 enhanced last night and it was a fantastic perfect gaming experience once more, some of the best level design and in game detail I have ever seen, SS2 never disappointed either, played both games when they first came out and my word it is as good now as it was then, modern graphics aside of course, modern graphics like those in UA are not always good either and actually detract from the game as a whole IMHO.

I just hope that lessons learned with the massive mistakes, mix ups, shifted goals and personal change that has plagued UA dont butcher SS3 too … and please dont tack on “Action” into the title, we were promised PC only for UA to start with, then “Parkour” then “Action” as it all became watered down due to nearing release time … please dont do that to SS3, please make it good and worthy of the series legacy.