System Shock 3 -- The End of the Trilogy?


Nothing remarkable? How about the characterization of SHODAN.


You could have a good system shock game without Shodan but it would not be… complete.


I disagree. Without SHODAN, the series loses its flavor. It may be solid, but not remarkable. SHODAN made System Shock.


What about SHODAN makes the setting remarkable? Rampant AI is incredibly common in cyberpunk. Or sci-fi in general. Just take AM from I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, for example.


I never mentioned setting. I mentioned characterization.


I think SHODAN is a great villain, but she’s not the everything of the game. You take away SHODAN and you’re left with an empty universe, where nothing ever happens and no one can be as good as her? Ken Levine introduced The Many in System Shock 2, and they’re the real antagonists of the game, SHODAN is entirely dependent on you, and just takes the only chance she has in dominating the Von Braun at the ending of the game. Of course, if not for her you wouldn’t get as far, so she’s a great plot mechanic, and a charismatic one at this.

The Many were great as villains, and took from the sources left of the first game to create the new one, and that’s what I want to see, that’s what I expect from a good, evolving universe. But as I said, taking away SHODAN from one or two games doesn’t mean she’s never coming back, if the plot is good enough, she can always make a comeback.


One of the greatest aspects of SHODAN is that she’s not only omnipresent, but unkillable.


That’s true, and that’s also why I think she can always make a comeback. Also, she’s one of the things I most expect to see in the upcoming game.


Um… this was the topic of the conversation.

Me: I don’t get what’s so remarkable about the SS setting.
You: Nothing remarkable? What about SHODAN?

I never said that there was nothing remarkable about System Shock or even that there was anything wrong with the setting.


hopefully they make an mmorpgfps from it where shodan becomes even more powerful due to certain unforeseen events in ss3. Make it so we can transfer our character over that we create in ss3 with its stats and achievements/enhancements. Make all newcomers who refuse to first play ss3 but want to play the open world game to be born into it as a genetically engineered human in a pod inside a factory that houses tens of thousands of pods for the same purpose. They will be born fully grown also with the players ability to fully customize them like ss3 players had. Make it balanced so the natural humans live longer and start out in the open world game stronger due to past achievements in ss3 but the artificial humans upgrade quicker due to being genetically superior but they have a shorter lifespan. They both team up to fight shodan and her forces. It should be one gigantic server with endless space, life size stellar bodies and extreme hyper realism as if its no longer a game but a simulation of the universe for NASA and other astrophysicists to use. Similar to no mans sky but on steroids. Shodan should be able to replicate herself at this point to a vast degree sending millions of pieces of herself all over the universe spreading out equidistantly and having those pieces replicate themselves and so on and so fourth like a virus. It would be cool if extraterrestrials got involved in the battle against shodan since some of her drones she sent out all over the universe could’ve negatively effected some advanced alien races. We should have the ability to even survive with just our avatar either on earth or a planet resembling earth either space engineers style or rust style depending on our means and intent. There should be a currency in the game that can eventually trade into any other currency in the world like Linden dollars from second life. the game should be called “System Shock Universe” or SSU for short


Dunno, of the many things I could see System Shock evolve into- a MMoorg isn’t one I’d like to see.
About the “remarkable” thing- I actually think there’s really nothing remarkable in the setting itself.

As with many other Videogame that reached the status of Classic Cult, I can say very few have anything remarkable in their plot.
It’s mainly the gameplay/development/ideas-in-the-making of it that counts; and that’s easily spotted in those shovelware of clones that on paper should work but eventually end up really, REALLY short of any significant goal.

If you ask me what in SS1 and SS2 really got me… I can’t really place my finger on a thing. Or two.
It’s the… alchemy?.. allow me the term; it’s the chemistry of the many ideas that make the game.

Other games had the slow pace of SS1, or the many available weapons.
Others had the same if not better graphic of SS2, and made for better jump-scares…
But when putting all of tose things together- for me, at least- SS1 and SS2 really knocked everything out of the park.

You want to call me daft? I’ll give you a reason.
I think that SS1 and SS2 worked because of the love and passion the devs put into it. There you have it. I’m daft.